End-of-Season Sale Tips for Winter Fashion


By Holland Baker

Black Friday and the day after Christmas are obvious days to shop for bargains, but the beginning of the colder season may not be the best time to find a good deal on winter fashion. It follows logically that, as demand decreases, supply increases. If you’re soon going to need a new pair of boots, or you just want to stop wearing that coat your now-ex-boyfriend got you for the holidays, find an end-of-season sale or two—and heed these tips on restocking your closet.

Know When to Shop

February and March are typically the best months to buy winter coats and other heavy garments for next year. If you’re after something specific, like this retro-cool Roark Revival Gnarwhal Sweater, it’s best to start looking sooner rather than later. However, if you’re not so picky, it pays to wait—the selection will dwindle, but the prices will keep getting lower.

Check on Deal Sites

Be sure to check what your favorite websites like Rue La La have in their outwear section during this time. An end-of-season sale on a deal site is like a blessing on a miracle. While you might not be able to put your new purchases to use right away, they will definitely come in handy when the temperatures start to dip again—plus, you’ll have extra funds to spend on hot chocolate!

Avoid the Cold

The electronic versions of your favorite stores are obviously going to have more storage space than the brick and mortar locations, so take your search online. For example, if you tragically waited just a little too long to snatch up those adorable bright blue Sophia Cashmere gloves from Neiman Marcus, you still might be able to find them in the online store—at fabulous end-of-season sale prices, no less.

Be Willing to Shake Up Your Look

Specialty stores might have bigger sales because they sell to such a niche market. When you’re looking for good deals, don’t discount a sporting goods store—they probably have really warm coats, and camo is back! You’ll look city-chic in this forest-fab Camo-Print Quilted Parka, and the feather/down fill will keep you warm until you’re able to retreat back to your couch for some more winter fashion shopping.

Head to Neiman Marcus for a pair of chic Sofia Cashmere Tech Gloves.


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