Keep Warm: The 5 Hottest Men’s Sweater Trends for 2016


By Rachel Moran

Winter still has a few weeks of bluster left where you’ll have to keep warm. Update your sweater game for 2016 with trends that go beyond your reliable crewneck or standby hoodie.

The tail end of this year’s winter has a lot to offer a fashionable gent, or even just a regular guy who wants to look his best.

Chunky Knits

You won’t have to wear these too much longer, but they’re a superlative way to keep warm. The basic take is a sweater of marled yarn. These pullovers are knitted from two strands of yarn twisted together to make one chunky strand, so your sweater is extra bulky.

For something a little more hip, check out cable patterns that criss-cross for extra depth or meander unexpectedly. For a selection you can wear anywhere, stick with something like the Indigo Cable Crew-Neck Sweater.


Neiman Marcus Turtleneck SweaterIt’s back! The turtleneck, once the domain of existentialists, poets, and those who just can’t deal with ties, is fashionable again.

Get this one right so you don’t look out of era.

Your best bet is to go big with something posh like the Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater. That way, you can wear it with jeans or slacks, but it pairs with suits perfectly, too.

Wear this sweater with confidence. The turtleneck is now for the man who can nod to the past from the edge of the future. Plus, your neck will stay warm.

Shawl Collars

When you really think about it, the shawl collar is the perfect touch. When you’re indoors, you have a pointed or rounded collar for a smart silhouette, but when you need to keep warm, you pop that baby up and protect your neck. There’s a rugged, everyman appeal to these sweaters, too. Irish shepherds wear them out in the verdant hills. For this season, try on the Badlands Shawl Collar Pullover Sweater for extra warmth.


On the other end of the spectrum, look for a sweater that’s completely modern with geometric patterns. Similar looks have been popular recently, with gents rocking throwback crewneck styles adorned with stripes or zigzags in loud colors. For 2016, the look tones down the color and amps up the geometry. Color-block looks with big shapes like triangles and squares are the way to go for the avant-garde. A more approachable look is an all-over pattern, displayed handily in the interlocking pattern of the Geo Sweater. Remember to keep it to just a couple colors to look contemporary.

Neiman Marcus v-neck sweaterSuper Fitted

Skinny jeans are finally starting to recede in the cultural memory a bit. That means 2016 is the perfect entry for the skinny sweater.

It’s a hyper-masculine look next to its old denim counterpart because it highlights biceps, pecs, and a V-shaped torso—but in the Superfine Cashmere Ribbed V-Neck Sweater, you can soften the macho edge. The super-fitted style is poised to become the T-shirt of sweaters.

Wear it anywhere with anything in any color for a fresh look that will help you keep warm until spring.

Enjoy being both comfortable and stylish? Check out this Superfine Cashmere V-Neck Sweater from Neiman Marcus.


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