Toys to Help Kids Play House


By Linnea Covington

Long before you had a real house to clean, cook in, and organize, you probably had a whole fantasy residence within your parents’ home. Even today, kids play house—from vacuuming to baking to using a tool box, they love to mimic what you do. Now, there are even more and better games to play at home, so your kids can pretend in style. Here are a few toys that will not only provide your little ones with hours of enjoyment, but potentially teach them to help you with some household duties, as well.

Play Kitchen

The first thing you need for the ultimate cooking game to play at home is a play set like the Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen, complete with a sink, refrigerator, and oven. Nowadays, they make so many fantastic styles, sometimes the toys look better than the real deal. Just don’t forget to stock your kid’s pantry with plenty of play pots and pans, wooden fruits and vegetables, felt foods, and pretend boxes of dry goods. You can even buy a Little Helper’s Grocery Cart for the child who wants to browse for their own meals. It’s a great way to teach about real-world actions, while letting kids play and use their imaginations. Once they get a little older, you could teach them how to mix ingredients and use the actual oven (with you by their side, of course)—and reap the benefits in the form of a sweet treat and a big smile.

Cleaning for Fun

Trick your kids into loving chores, and teach the concept of cleaning up by making a game out of it. Having your kids play with something like the cool Toy Dyson DC22 Vacuum is a great start. The Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House! set comes with a child-sized mop, miniature broom, dustpan, and feather duster. While the latter item may look like a toy, it should work just as well as a normal one, so your kids really will be helping around the house (even if they don’t know it). Of course, encouraging them to sweep up fallen cereal or mop up spilled milk will aid in this real-life play.

Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It

Add “repairing the house” to your list of games to play at home, something that can easily be done with the Home Depot Deluxe Power Tool Set. This working set mimics what you might have in the grownup tool box—compete with moving parts! But where do you keep all these helpful toys? A child’s work bench like the Tikes Tough Workshop might come in handy—just like your little tinkerer. While your young ones will undoubtedly have fun playing house with all of these toys, you might just benefit by having an extra set of hands to help out with your big-kid household chores!

Help your little ones discover the joys of playing house with this Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen from Modern Tots.


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