4 Trends to Follow When Training for a Marathon


By Eric J. Bruno

If this is the year you finally resolved to start running, and you’re now thinking about training for a marathon, you need a positive attitude, focus, determination . . . and the latest gear, of course! Marathons are hard. They’re long and grueling, and they hurt—but they’re also incredible achievements and a great way to get (or stay) healthy. One strategy to help make running and training for a marathon more fun is to make sure you look good doing it. Whether you’re training for your first or fifteenth race, having the right gear can help keep you focused, as well as ensure it’s a successful and enjoyable experience.

Start at the Bottom

Awesome sneakers not only cushion your feet, they double as a billboard to announce to the world that you’re a marathon runner. Minimalist sneakers may have been all the rage years ago, but for long runs, you need maximum comfort, cushion, and support. These Hoka One One M Challenger ATR sneakers provide all three—and their bright, colorful designs may just help boost your spirits. Not only will they look cool, they’ll serve a purpose by keeping you motivated and focused on your goal.

Plan for the Worst

When you run in the rain or snow for 26.2 miles, you’re going to get wet no matter what. Your smartphone, however, doesn’t have to, even though bringing your phone along (so you can access a fitness tracker app) while training is a must. Don’t leave it at home if the weather looks bad—simply get a waterproof arm band like the Thump C Blinking LED Armband to keep it safe. You’ll be able to track your progress, stay focused, and have hard evidence to show your friends afterwards.

Play It Cool

You can’t really brag until you’ve completed all 26.2 miles. What better way to stay encouraged than with the right music? Music is only as good as the earbuds you listen to it through, though. The ones that came with your smartphone or iPod just aren’t going to cut it—wires are for people running 5Ks. You need a lightweight, sweat-proof pair, like the JBL Synchros Reflect BT In-Ear Bluetooth Sports Headphones. When you’re training for a marathon, there’s no greater motivator than your power song.

Make Sure You Don’t Smell

Don’t underestimate the importance of smelling good (or at least smelling as not-bad as you can). Believe it or not, prescription-strength deodorants like Gillette Clinical Strength Wetness Protection Advanced Solid are available for athletes like you who take on extreme challenges. So whether you find yourself standing at the podium accepting your medal, or just hobbling back to the bus or your car, have confidence in knowing that you don’t stink. After all, you can’t brag to folks who won’t let you within a mile of them (and isn’t that why you wanted to start running in the first place?).

High quality earbuds that are wireless and sweat-proof are key to surviving a marathon. Get your pair of JBL Synchros Reflect BT headphones through Crutchfield.


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