The Top 5 Spring Break Ideas for 2016


By Kylie Ora Lobell

Spring break—the annual period typically used to relax and have fun—is nearly here for employees and students. It’s a time of year when you’re able to venture to an exciting new destination or stay at home and catch up on some enjoyable activities around your neighborhood.

Whether you’re going to take a “staycation” and lie low in your hometown, or you want to plan a trip and leave for a little bit, here are five spring break ideas that will help you enjoy your time:

Be a Hometown Tourist With Your Sweetheart

Are you craving a romantic getaway with your partner, but don’t quite have the time or funds to plan a trip? Get lost in your home state by booking a stay at a nearby inn you’ve always wanted to experience, or making reservations at an intriguing restaurant through Gilt City. Find somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Spend your time enjoying breakfast in bed, taking quiet hikes along unexplored trails, savoring new cuisines, and watching the sunset the together.

Dress up for a Kid-Friendly Musical

Stage fof The Lion KingIf you’ve got kids, chances are their favorite movie has been made into a Broadway musical. Head on over to and buy your family tickets to an upcoming performance.

Be sure to watch the movie the night before you go, so that you’ll all be well-rehearsed to belt out all the songs on the way to the show.

With everyone in the family dressed to the nines for a night of theater, there’ll be photo ops aplenty.

Treat Yourself to Beauty

The winter has been brutal on your skin. Work has taken its toll on your muscles. You’re tired, and you need a truly tranquil day. For tortured beauties like you, are there any better spring break ideas than heading to your local spa for a massage, a facial, and a mani/pedi? Just hop onto LivingSocial to see great deals near you and get some spring break ideas for rest and relaxation.

Attend an Outdoor Concert

Your favorite musicians are coming to town, smack-dab in the middle of your spring break. It’ll be nice outside, so make sure you log onto Live Nation to book a seat (or standing room) at an outdoor concert. Don’t forget your binoculars or your beach ball (but leave your extra-tall stovepipe hat at home)!

Spring break tentCamp With Your Kids in the Backyard

If you’re seeking truly inspired spring break ideas for your family, just look out your window.

Light up your fire pit, roast some marshmallows, and camp out in the 5-Person Speed Frame Tent from Bass Pro Shops. You’ll all get to enjoy the nice weather without the pesky mosquitoes and summer heat.

Invest in yourself this spring break. Purchase a health and beauty treatment from a nearby spa through LivingSocial.


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