Best Snow Days Ever: Sleds and Outdoor Weather Toys for Kids


By Tiffany Smith

Want to have epic snow days, with memories that will live forever? Help your kids create memorable moments on those special days with the coolest sleds and winter toys. Here are some great options that are so fun, you might actually be sad when the season finally comes to a close.

Get the Coolest Sleds

Yes, plastic saucers and snow tubes work fine, but if you want your kids to stand out at the neighborhood sledding hill, look for sleds that will turn heads. Flexible Flyer has long been the big name in sledding, and its standard wooden option is always good. But why not try its sleek PT Blaster? It looks like a mini snow mobile, with a steering wheel and brakes. Or go feet-first with this Mini Luge Snow Sled from Zipfy that riders can steer with a lever.

Repurpose Summer Toys

There’s no reason your pool and beach toys can’t serve double-duty. Pull out some of the family’s summer supplies on snow days and see what your kids can do with them. A sand bucket is great for making snow castles, and a body board transitions well from waves to snowy hills (look for a body board with sturdy handles, like the Speedster Body Board Pool Toy by Swimline).

Turn Chores Into Games

Snow days may be fun, but they’re also a lot of work! Before you head out sledding, the shoveling and salting usually needs to get done—but there’s no reason your kids can’t assist with these tasks. Turn their snow day energy into extra sets of helping hands. Pick up this cute (but functional!) Children’s Snow Shovel with Handle by Wader Toys and let them play in the snow . . . while clearing it. If you frame the chore as a fun game, even little ones will like helping out with such important duties. Then you can all head out together to the nearest hill for some family sledding time.

Share Your Traditions

The best part of a snow day is getting to spend extra time with family. Make these days even more special for your kids by showing them how you used to play in the snow as a child. Bring out a beauty like the classic wooden Mountain Boggan that has seats for the whole family. The latest wintertime tech is great, but sometimes the classics are the best, and provide the most vibrant memories

This Mini Luge Snow Sled from Zipfy, available at Rakuten, will make your child the envy of the local sledding hill.


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