Money-Saving Home Improvements and Products for All Seasons


By Kylie Ora Lobell

Winter is in full effect, which means that whenever you step outside lately, you’re probably freezing. If you’re cold inside your house as well, that means it’s time for a few home improvements.

Whether you’re experiencing a wind chill in your living room, or you want to be ready when storm damage knocks out your power (again), you can arm yourself with a few ingenious products and some effective home improvements.

Thermal Imaging Camera

You may think it feels like heat is escaping your house, but you can never be certain until you invest in a XR Thermal Imaging Camera by Seek Thermal. You can even use this device in the summer to see where the air conditioning is leaving your house. Once you know what’s going on with your heating system, you can either replace it or work to insulate any problem areas where air is escaping.

Solar-Powered Generator

When blizzards roll into town, it can mean sudden and costly storm damage, often including power outages. Protect yourself from the darkness and cold temperatures with the Yeti 150 Solar Generator from Goal Zero, which provides backup power when you need it. It’ll keep your lights, phone, laptop, and other electronic items on during an emergency. It’s great for spring and summer thunderstorms, too. Best of all, you can charge it with the sun’s rays (as well as your car’s battery or even a wall outlet) when it’s not in use.

Smart Humidifier

Heating your home during the winter months can make your house dry, but you don’t want to compromise feeling cozy. Now, with the Roolen Breath Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier, you don’t have to. This humidifying system detects the level of humidity your home needs to keep you and your family healthy, and automatically adjusts itself to the optimal setting.

Smart Thermostat

With a Nest Learning Thermostat installed, you can not only track the temperature inside your home, but also control your heating system even when you’re not physically there. In an effort to stay comfortable this winter, you may be running the heat constantly—and forgetting to turn it off—which leads to a big increase in your bills. Part of the benefit of undertaking home improvements is the return on investment through future savings, which can be huge if you have a smart thermostat. You can control it from your phone, schedule it to turn on and off at certain times, and see whether you’re at an energy-efficient temperature. This winter, you can conserve money and reserve warmth. Come summertime, you can switch it over to AC mode to continue the savings throughout the year.

Purchase a personal generator through Newegg so you can stay comfortable during power outages this winter.


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