Easter Gifts and Decorating Ideas for an Eggsquisite Holiday


By Jessica D Festa

Whether you’re domestic royalty or you feel grateful when you bake lasagna without burning it, it’s still possible to plan a memorable Easter. Combining fun Easter gifts with interactive games and simple personalized decor, the following guide offers a simple yet highly-effective strategy for making this year’s holiday even more special.

Stock Up on Festive Treats
No holiday home is complete without something delicious to eat, especially if you can create treats that are as beautiful as they are tasty. The Easter Assorted Chocolate Mold includes adorable Easter-themed shapes like bunny rabbits, baby chicks, and eggs, giving you the ability to make seasonal sweets out of solid chocolate, or with a special filling inside.

You’ll look like a confectionery genius when offering your friends and family these edible decorations. Bonus: you can also use this mold for plaster casting, which provides a fun bonding activity for all ages (everyone grab a paintbrush!) that makes your home look even more festive.

Send Handwritten Cards for a Personal Touch

Postcards!While 2016 means you can easily post your party plans on social media or quickly send email invitations, your guests will appreciate a more human touch with some handwritten cards.

Customize a set of Color Block Personalized Stationery with your name or a salutation, and write out the event details inside. For an Easter twist, draw some colorful Easter eggs or affix a photo of your children with the Easter Bunny. You can also spruce it up with some whimsical ribbon.

Find Easter Gifts and Decorations That Sparkle
Painting eggs into a kaleidoscope of colors is a great Easter tradition, but if you really want to stand out and impress your party guests, adding some texture and sparkle can do the trick. Use Glass Seed Beads to create patterns and Easter pictures, like a rabbit face or spring flower, on plastic or wooden eggs. Try experimenting with a number of different colors to get your desired effect.

Fill a Basket Full of Laughs

Interactive games can make exhilarating entertainment options, and replacing your common coffee table book with a copy of Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs can bring your family together to figure out what “Peter Rabbit was ______ before he ______ into your Easter basket.” No matter what baubles and trinkets you adorn your house with, laughter is any holiday’s most essential decoration, and these entertaining books add just that.

Give Some Good Cookies to Good Cookies
Even if you don’t have time to actually bake anything, the Thank You Colossal Fortune Cookie has a DIY element, as 1-800-FLOWERS.COM will stuff it with the message of your choice. As far as Easter gifts go, you can’t go wrong with letting somebunny you love know exactly how you feel.

A personalized colossal fortune cookie from 1800Flowers offers a tasty and inspiring way to deliver your Easter message.


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