Updating the Easter Basket: Skip Candy and Get Creative


By Jessica D Festa

Remember all the fun of Easter Eve as a child—gathering around the kitchen table with colorful cups of dye to adorn hard-boiled eggs with kaleidoscope designs? Then, the next morning, enjoying a fun scavenger hunt organized by the “Easter Bunny,” who left behind a basket full of Easter gifts?

It’s still a great time for your kids, although the giant chocolate rabbit and sugar-coated gifts can get a bit stale year after year.

This season, consider these healthier Easter basket options that can spur creativity and might even facilitate family bonding.

Let ‘Em Get Dirty
The crunch of fresh carrots. The earthy aroma of fragrant parsley. The delicious juice that runs over your tongue as you bite into a vine-ripened tomato.


These sensory experiences are exciting enough at the farmer’s market, but giving your children the chance to work in their own vegetable garden can provide them with skills for a healthy, self-sustaining lifestyle—while they’re having fun.

The 3 Piece Kids Hand Gardening Tools Set by Twigz will help them get the job done.

Your young ones can also stretch their creative muscles while decorating this Square Terrarium, showcasing their favorite flora, then adding in pebbles, pinwheels, mini stone cottages, and more.

See the World Through Their Eyes
While digital photography is a popular art form among adults, that doesn’t mean your curious kids won’t appreciate it, too. The Discovery Kids Digital Camera is a great addition to any Easter basket, but especially those of young, snap-happy explorers. After giving this user-friendly device to your little ones, help them get acquainted with it by proposing an outdoor family photo safari and trying to see how many different plants, flowers, animals, and insects they can capture images of. This is definitely one of those special Easter gifts that your children will remember for years to come.

Teach Them Responsibility (Kind of)
What kid doesn’t beg their parents for a puppy? Don’t worry, you won’t need to put a live animal in the family Easter basket this holiday—a Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy named “Spot” is the perfect purchase. Now you and your young ones can spend Saturday mornings playing games with a cute plastic pup. Show your kids the power of positive reinforcement by giving Spot tummy scratches, and then ooh and aah over its cute, happy puppy noises. All of the joy and none of the mess—the future is now!

Elevate your child's Easter basket this year with the Discovery Kids Digital Camera, available at Rakuten.


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