Pro Tips for Comfortable Spring Skiing


By John Montesi

Snowmaking and mountain maintenance technologies are better than ever, so it’s no longer uncommon to see ski resorts stay open into June in some parts of the country. While shredding that late into the year conjures up images of people riding down the mountain in bathing suits, there’s still that popular in-between stage known as spring skiing.

With freezing mornings and afternoons that can feel “hot” after a hard day of riding in the sunshine, attire and gear can make or break how much you’ll enjoy your trip to the slopes. Here are some important tips for anyone planning a spring break ski trip:

Get There in Style

It may feel like we just celebrated the New Year, but spring break is almost here. That doesn’t mean it’s too late to find great deals, though. The website CheapOair routinely offers deals on flights and vacation packages to snowy destinations around the globe. Booking your itinerary this way can save you a lot of time, and help you decide among the overwhelming array of ski resorts while saving you tons of money—so you can make sure you’re well-equipped for the trip, instead of having wear your dad’s baggy ’80s ski jacket. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Don’t Be That Guy

When the GoPro first came out, it was popular to attach the diminutive action camera to a ski pole in order to capture exciting footage of Baby’s First Hockey Stop or your buddy’s worst wipeout.

GoPro Harness from Bass Pro ShopsHowever, the problem with mounts that require a hand to operate is that they take your attention away from the task at-hand—getting down the mountain safely—and make you a candidate for “worst wipeout.”

Try using a GoPro Chest Mount Harness to capture epic footage of your family or friends skiing under blue spring skies without risking a distracted spill (that would inevitably become the highlight of your spring break ski trip video montage).

Suit Up With Versatile Gear

Spring skiing conditions often mean temperature swings of 30-plus degrees as the day goes on. Rather than schlepping tons of extra layers to the slopes, look for products like the Volt Heat 7V Heated Glove Liners that use tech to solve distinctly seasonal problems. Switch them on for cold mornings. Turn them off as the day warms up, and they wear like non-insulated spring ski gloves!

Spring skiing is a blast for the whole family, but showing up with the wrong gear can put a serious damper on the fun. Find some travel deals, check the forecast, and make sure you pack the right stuff for the weather. A few essential accessories can go a long way toward making sure you don’t have to spend way too much money at mountainside ski shops or spend the week stubbornly sweating (or freezing) it out.

Don't be that guy who skis with a selfie stick or wipes out trying to aim his GoPro mid-run. Instead, use this chest strap camera mount, available at Bass Pro Shops.


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