How to Shop With Your Toddler and Not Lose Your Mind


By Corey Whelan

It’s the last thing you want to do with your weekend, but for whatever reason, you’re stuck having to shop with your toddler. If you thought the terrible twos weren’t terrible already, you will at the end of a hectic shopping day—unless you arm up with enough gear to keep your little one occupied (and quiet). No need to go the pack mule route, though. Just a few handy-dandy essentials and strategies like these will be enough to do the trick:

Keep Them Comfy (and Safe)

Those little legs could give out before you’ve even made it into the second store, so if you need to shop with your toddler in tow, keeping them confined to a stroller is a must. The Urban Street LX Stroller is lightweight and portable, making it a snap to get in and out of the car—plus, it reclines to sleep position, so (hopefully) your honey bunny will nap while you shop. Make sure to have some stroller clips on hand so no toys fall out and go missing, setting off a classic, terrible-twos-style tantrum (good times).

Keep Them Occupied With Great Toys

Of course, the toy they’ll want to play with most is your smartphone, but you can put the kibosh on that pleading-fest pronto with a Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Phone. The toy is easy for little hands to grip and features tons of activities and music, so it’s sure to keep your toddler entertained. It’s perfect for even the littlest learners, and teaches the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, and other fun stuff.

No matter how cool it is, though, you’re going to need more than one toy. The Star Wars Chewbacca 15-inch Talking Plush is a little fan-fave. It’s big and cozy enough for snuggling, plus it supports imaginative, interactive play.

Keep Their Tummies Full

Nothing sets off a terrible twos temper tantrum faster than hunger, so snacks are an absolute must when you shop with your toddler. A great choice is organic, wholesome Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies, made especially for little hands and taste buds.

Running around from store to store with your little one in tow may not be your idea of a great day, even if they’re a perfect angel from start to finish. If you have to shop with your toddler, keeping them occupied, safe, and happy will help—but if all else fails, just keep picturing how they’ll look when they’re fast asleep at the end of the day (and, of course, that glass of wine you’ll have once they’re tucked safely in bed).

Keep your toddler safe and snug on shopping trips in the easy-to-maneuver Urban Street LX Stroller, available through Rakuten.


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