Man Cave Ideas Everyone Can Enjoy


By John Montesi

The man cave is one of the most misunderstood rooms in the home. Far from a clandestine lair where mysterious goings-on take place, the modern man cave can be anything from a home bar to a room full of (totally necessary) home theater equipment . . . preferably adorned with enough sports memorabilia to remind all visitors whom they have to cheer for. Here are some favorite man cave ideas to help you create the perfect room that can entertain the whole family.

Set the Mood

There was a time when turning lights on and off by clapping was impressive. Now, the true man cave should feature smart lighting that can be customized for brightness and even color via smartphone. Want to make sure everyone present really knows who the home team is? The Phillips Hue lightbulb can display 16 million colors, which means that you can really nail your alma mater’s shade of orange. The bulbs can also be linked to apps that celebrate when your team scores, or sync with movie audio for an immersive viewing experience.

Take a Seat

The right furniture is an essential part of all man cave ideas. From cushy reclining chairs to the Sara Black Leather Right Chaise Sectional set with ample room for the whole family, it’s a lot easier to justify dedicating an entire room of the house to sports and TV if the furniture is nice and it’s a pleasant place to spend time.

MLB art glass clockWhether or not other family members care about your favorite players as much as you do, you know you’ll always be rooting for them from the comfort of your man cave. Pro tip: it’s best to avoid creating rows of theatre-style seating, which severely limit the room’s usability. Sectional sofas around an ottoman or coffee table mean that the man cave can also be labeled the living room, which makes it a lot likelier that you can hang your official MLB Art-Glass Wall Clock above the TV.

Grab a Glass

If those over-the-top man cave ideas aren’t getting the green light, there are plenty of subtle additions to the home that a man can be proud of (and that nobody else will object to).

Mocow Mule Mug from WayfairMartini Glasses from WayfairA fully-stocked home bar is a great way to live out those Hemingway fantasies—or make cosmos for a ladies’ night. More than just cramming a bunch of liquor bottles into the cabinet, the true home bar can elegantly feature bottles and serving accouterments like the Hammered 16 Oz. Moscow Mule Mugs by Old Dutch or Style Setter’s Sienna 10 Oz. Martini Glass. A real man cave has the right tool for every job!

Whether you build a dedicated room, or just want to put a sporty and gentlemanly twist on one room of the house, the options are as boundless as your imagination. One thing’s for sure: the man cave ain’t what it used to be.

The man cave doesn't have to be full of grungy couches and light beer. With glasses like these, everyone can at least pretend to enjoy the big game—and look good doing it!


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