How to Get Behind the Paleo Diet


By Linnea Covington

It’s not often that people will encourage you to eat like a caveman, but when it comes to the Paleo diet, that’s exactly the sentiment. After all, the manifesto behind this regimen focuses on going back to humanity’s roots as a hunter-gatherer society and cutting out all refined sugars, trans fats, and processed foods. Based on research by Dr. Loren Cordain, the Paleo diet took root in popular culture around 2011—and today, people follow it for weight loss, to gain more energy, and as a way to look at food differently. Read on for advice on some decidedly not-caveman tools to help you get going.

Stock Up on Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

For starters, get the Easy Diet Journal by health and fitness expert Alex Lluch to help plan menus and keep track of what you’re eating. Balanced meals abounding with fruits and vegetables are important in any healthy diet, but especially for a Paleolithic eater.

Plants prove rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, which are all keys in keeping your body and mind in peak condition. But before you fill your fridge with produce, take the time to purchase a good knife. With all the chopping, mincing, and slicing you’ll be doing, working with a well-crafted blade can make cooking easier and more fun. Find a really good chef’s knife, or invest in a high-quality set of blades like the Wüsthof Gourmet 18 Piece Knife and Block Set. After all, it’s important to have different tool options when working with various ingredients.

Focus on Lean Proteins

A big part of the Paleo diet is using protein to fill you up and provide energy. Feasting on lean foods like chicken, fish, and nuts not only satisfies that craving for something umami-rich, it also supports strong muscles and healthy bones, and boosts your immune system.

Next, get ready to cook meat like a caveman over a crackling fire. Lucky for you, you don’t have to roast chunks of beef on long sticks (unless you really want to). With the variety of top-notch portable grills out there, creating a feast right in your backyard has never been easier. If you want something classic, the Browning Cowboy Fire Pit Grill heats the food on an open flame and comes with a height-adjustable rotisserie and an adjustable pot hanger.

Leave the Carbs Alone

Yes, that means no crusty loaves of bread, bowls of steaming pasta, or sugary doughnuts. But don’t worry, there are other ways you can get your comfort food fix. To start with, make your own veggie noodles with a spiral slicer. The eSmart Vegetable Spiralizer creates spaghetti-like strands of any kind of produce you want to put through it. For snack attacks, take advantage of the prepackaged Paleo foods on the market—and for those who crave baked goods that still promote weight loss, The Ultimate Paleo Cookbook is chock-full of great recipes.

Obtaining an eSmart Vegetable Spiralizer from Rakuten is a great way to start making carb-free, Paleo-friendly noodles.


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