Refresh Your Life With a Spring Cleaning Frenzy


By Holland Baker

Spring cleaning is something that seems to sneak up with the crocuses each year. The sudden desire to declutter your life and start fresh is only natural after the winter season, as you look forward to warmer weather and prepare for a more open home. But spring cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to organizing the mess inside your residence—it can also extend to your yard. Here are a few effective ways to refresh your surroundings, both indoors and outside:

Create More Storage Options

A surefire way to save space is to think creatively: any and all space in your house has the potential to be storage space. The Honey-Can-Do shoe organizer can be used to store any number of items (such as cleaning supplies, spices, or beauty products) and you can hang it on the back of any door!

Finding storage options that double as furniture also works really well, since you’ll be able to heighten your home’s interior design aesthetic while improving its organization. As entryways can get messy—especially in springtime, with all those wet shoes and muddy boots—focusing in on that transitional area is important. Adding an eye-catching place to hide shoes, like the Winthrop Storage Bench by Andover Mills, is great way to keep your entryway clutter-free.

Clean Like the Professionals

Once you declutter your living spaces, it’s the perfect time to clean all the spots you usually don’t get around to—and spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to find the tools to help you get the job done like a pro. While soap has always been a popular cleaning product, a growing number of homeowners have been turning to steam power. Investing in something like the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop is sure to make cleaning your floors a lot more rewarding.

Become Your Own Landscape Architect

Once you’ve tackled the inside of your house, why not extend your spring cleaning frenzy to the outside? In addition to investing in tools to maintain the lawn and the bushes, you should also take care in keeping all of those things organized so they don’t get lost or damaged. The Resin Storage Shed by Suncast is rated for year-round use, and is the perfect spot to store all of your rakes, shovels, hoses, power tools, gardening supplies, and kids’ outdoor toys. It can be locked, so you’ll be able to rest assured that your things are safe, and its sleek design can help dress up your back deck or patio. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest differences.

Watch dirt and grime melt away while spring cleaning with the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop, available through Rakuten.


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