Updated Umbrellas: Innovative New Spring Trends


By Rachel Moran

As the weather gets wetter, updated umbrellas with contemporary styles and solid construction are increasing in popularity—the caricature of the inside-out umbrella blowing down the street is gone for good. Although the functional accessory is often an afterthought when it comes to spring trends, these incredible designs are innovative and fashionable. You might even find yourself hoping for a little rain every now and then!


If you’re looking to cast an avant-garde silhouette, asymmetry is where it’s at. Models like the Automatic Tropical Ranger Umbrella by Senz Umbrellas are at the forefront of spring trends, with a dramatic peaked shape that sends raindrops rolling away while cutting right through the wind. Pongee, an ultra-fine, raw silk weave, makes this a luxe choice, too. Asymmetrical umbrellas don’t just keep you dry—they also turn heads.


Pocket-sized umbrellas are a great idea (when they work), but they’re usually no match for storms with driving rain. Enter the telescoping handle. Models with this feature are easily stored, but still provide ample coverage from Mother Nature when need be. The Classic Tartan Telescopic Umbrella by Barbour comes in a classic plaid that goes anywhere, features a sturdy wooden handle, and even has a special mechanism to protect it from bending in the wind. Its best attribute, though, is that it telescopes down to just about a foot in length—just the right size for an oversized tote.


Of course, sometimes, a gloomy day calls for a serious umbrella. Shield yourself from gray skies with bold adornments to lift your spirits and remind you that a little sparkle lies ahead. The Alexander McQueen Skull Folding Umbrella is just moody enough when the clouds are temperamental, and totally on-trend for spring. Who says you can’t be elegant on a stormy day?


Playful and super functional, bubble umbrellas keep sideways-driving rain off hair and clothes. Even better: you don’t have to worry about poking anyone’s eye out on the sidewalk. Simply glide on by, protected by your own private bubble. (Ah, if only you could take this one indoors, too.) All bubble selections boast transparency, but a totally clear look with a little colored trim—like on the Original Moustache Bubble Umbrella by Hunter—is extra slick.

Wind Shearing

Designed for people who use their umbrellas for more than just walking down the street, a wind shearer lets you take care of business and get back inside. These models, like the Nike 68” Windsheer Lite Umbrella, are marvelous feats of engineering—and, like most marvelous things, they’re quite simple. Release mechanisms (or mesh slits) open up so rain stays off, but wind blows through instead of whipping you around or flipping your umbrella inside out.

Shield yourself from gray skies with boldly adorned umbrellas. Check out the stylish Skull Folding Umbrella by Alexander McQueen, available at Neiman Marcus.


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