Get Organized: Make Gift-Giving Fun Again


By Rachel Moran

You know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect gift for your loved one at the last minute, only to learn that it costs more than you’re comfortable paying. It can be agonizing—especially if you’re trying to stick to a spending plan. If this happens to you often, you might want to think about changing your shopping habits.

The best way to avoid overspending is to get organized with the help of some modern technology. You’re still going to be celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, but new apps like Shopicks (a digital bulletin board for snagging gifts and goodies) can help you remember them all and simplify things for you. Just drag and drop the widget into a customized toolbar in your Internet browser, and it does the rest.

Resolve to Avoid Overspending

Have you ever spent twice as much on presents as you meant to? Yikes. Resolve to avoid overspending and get organized once and for all, so gift-giving can be fun again! How will you celebrate your best friend’s birthday, Father’s Day, and all those baby showers that are bound to crop up? You can browse around online and stash ideas in one of your “collections” within the app. Keep it simple with a collection called “gifts” and drop in cool stuff like the fresh Sac A Dos Jaime Backpack for when your little brother starts college, or get jazzy and collect “everything Mom will love” for Mother’s Day. Then you can compare, budget, and purchase from your browser extension. Voilà—you are a gift-giving master!

Consider Your Loved Ones’ Passions

For a lot of people, realizing a long-time dream involves a saving and spending plan that can feel a little overwhelming—especially if they need to invest in practice time or equipment. Wouldn’t you like to help your loved ones achieve their dreams? Say your dad has always wanted to make short films. Technology now allows filmmakers to do it in a lightweight, high-quality way, so you’ve promised yourself that you’re going to buy him a top-notch drone camera like the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter for Father’s Day. With your Shopicks collection, you can compare a number of awesome camera-copters all in one place—and, best of all, you can see when they go on sale without having to visit a million sites or sign up for multiple email lists. This way, you can rest assured that your dad will have a high-quality done camera for his special day, and you won’t have to break the bank to get it for him.

Go Big for Big Celebrations

The big parties are the ones you’ll remember forever. Thus, it’s only natural to want to get organized well in advance, so that every detail is perfect and budgets aren’t overextended. When you’re throwing a huge event, like a silver anniversary party for your parents or a bridal shower for your best friend, using a bulletin board app like this can make all the difference—particularly since you can compare the shopping details right there. For instance, you can drag and drop gifts like unique bracelets for each of her bridesmaids and rate them with hearts, or pin that perfect little Wireless Bluetooth Portable Mini Speaker for smartphones, so you don’t forget to give it to her leading up to the beach honeymoon she has planned. Having everything in one place doesn’t just make shopping fun again—it makes all of your life’s important experiences richer and more rewarding.

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