Cooking Made Easy: Simple Recipes to Save Time


By Kylie Ora Lobell

Now that spring is approaching, your friends and family are probably in need of a break from cooking. The hours they spent toiling in the kitchen during winter likely paid off, but now they need an easier way to put food on the table. Simple recipes can help them save a lot of time.

Kits that come with the necessary ingredients and instructions can be a perfect gift. They can help anyone whip up anything, from home-cured bacon to delectable desserts. And the best part is that no one ever has to know the dishes came from a kit. Homemade cooking has never been so quick and easy. Here are some tools of the corner-cutting trade that can help your favorite non-cook feel like a chef at any meal.


Your friend can begin a perfect day with some healthy mixes and meal starters that are tasty in any season. Using these simple recipes, they’ll be able to make delicious pancakes, biscuits, or muffins to serve with fresh jam and a cup of coffee. The Breakfast Gift Box from Harry & David has everything they’ll need to fuel up properly. Who doesn’t love a sweet start to their day?


Mmm, bacon. It’s the delicious protein that makes any meal that much more flavorful. With a bacon curing kit, your favorite meat-lover can satisfy their carnivore cravings at lunch hour. They can integrate the meat into any soup, sandwich, or salad—or even add it to a chocolate treat for that special mix of salty and sweet.


The perfect medium-rare steak requires the perfect seasoning. So while your friends may know their way around the grill, they might need a little help to determine which spices, sauces, or herbs will take it to the next level. Find that special steak seasoning to help make the meat scrumptious, and you’ll never leave their house feeling hungry again. The seasoned cuts can even be cooked on the stove, in the oven, or with a grill pan and griddle—and will taste like it’s from a gourmet, five-star restaurant.


Following your delicious dinner, you’ll want to have a sweet and delightful dessert. Gift your friend dessert baking mixes in an assortment of flavors, so they’ll be ready when in-laws show up for coffee. With these kits and simple recipes, in no time, your previously culinarily-challenged loved one will look like an expert chef who can make yummy food at a moment’s notice.

Looking to preorder some meals for yourself? Planning to entertain a houseful of guests? If you’re in an area that is serviced by a dependable online grocer like FreshDirect, you can have all kinds of prepared food delivered right to your front door. Whether you’re looking to host an extravagant dinner party, or just want to have a few snacks on hand, you’ll never have to waste time aimlessly wandering the aisles of a crowded grocery store (or lugging your purchases home) ever again.

Want to give your friend the gift of bacon? Buy a bacon curing kit from BassPro.


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