5 Futuristic Rain Gear Items You Need this Spring


By Rachel Moran

Rainy day outfits get ultra-hip this year. Fashion and technology are joining forces in Spring 2016 to make rainy day blues a serious thing of the past. From a futuristic umbrella to sexy rain boots, these five fashion-forward pieces combine high-tech materials and cutting-edge silhouettes for style that the weather just can’t wash away:

Amazing Umbrellas

Umbrellas aren’t so humdrum anymore. While you might be accustomed to being poked by scary metal spokes and getting your pants soaked anyway, there’s now a new, futuristic umbrella style to revolutionize rainy days. Check out a sleek selection like the Original Tropical Rain Umbrella by Senz Umbrellas. Its angular, asymmetrical silhouette shuttles rain away from you while staying windproof in gusts up to 62 mph. It’s a slick, contemporary look with some major storm benefits.

Rockin’ Rain Boots

IRockstud Bootn the past few years, a lot of cool rain boots have been released.

Bold colors and finishes—from super-shiny to luxe-matte—elevate the rain boot from functional item to fashionable aspiration. Your rainy day outfits will get the kick they need with this year’s styles, and Valentino runs the streets with the Rockstud PVC Rain Boot in black.

The classic rain boot material gets a tough, sexy look with PVC studs and a chunky lug sole. They are legit sexy.

Bag It Up

You have stuff, and your stuff needs to stay dry, too. Water-resistant bags are easy to find if you’re looking for camping gear, but what about for the urban adventurer?

You need something that fits your contemporary style but also works on the go. Try an over-the-shoulder sling like the Orvis Gale Force Sling Pack. Its triangular shape and easily adjustable strap make stomping through puddles totally cool.

Cellular Coverage

Face it: your smartphone is your life. When it rains, you have to be careful with it.

There are plenty of options for keeping your screen dry, but for those intrepid phone junkies, there’s the iDry Waterproof Phone Case. The bright, clean white cover is modern enough for all your outfits, while its watertight seal lets you maintain your lifestyle. Hail a ride-share car in a hurricane or take artsy photos in torrential downpours. Your device is now safe.

The Everyday Rain Coat

This spring, your rainy day outfits can get big-time fashion points from the new coats and trenches. RAINS Long Jacket nails the look with a trendy, elongated silhouette with a fishtail. It’s perfectly androgynous, just a little bit hipster, and keeps your entire outfit from getting soaked. Plus, it’s made in Copenhagen—where it always rains—for classic European styling. Tons of pockets, zips, and other details make this coat an easy choice for every day, too.

With such awesome choices, you’ll be looking up and praying for rain.

Check out RAINS' fresh new elongated trench for Spring 2016, available now through Hypebeast.


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