Baking with Kids: How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too


By Corey Whelan

You know what’s great about baking with kids? Eventually, those fun recipes and Armageddon-level messes morph into giggle-fests, memories of goofy cupcakes (lovingly filled with chocolate chips and gummy bears), and a deep bonding experience.

Baking with kids is more than a cool—and yummy—way to fill hours on a rainy day. It’s also a smart way to impart mastery to your child, as well as help them acquire math and reading skills, to boot. Of course, child-friendly kitchen gear is a must. If you’re ready to get started, grab the flour, your little ones, and the following baking essentials.

Start with Made-For-Kids Recipe Books

Baking is an incredibly creative process. A great way to get kids’ imaginations flowing is with fun recipes geared toward their tastes. The recipe book Cool Kids Cook by Donna Hay focuses on the tactile experience, as well as the creative process. Kids who love getting their hands into everything will adore this colorfully illustrated cookbook. Other sweet features include cute food stickers, practical tips on using kitchen tools, and safety do’s and don’ts. (You may even learn a few tricks yourself!)

Shape the Experience

When rain is beating against the windowpanes, nothing is cozier than the aroma of cookies baking, but ask any kid and they’ll tell you—cookies in fun shapes are way more fun than plain old circle cookies. The Bakeware 12pcs Cartoon Cookie Baking Molds set lets kids shape their masterpieces into stars, moons, and hearts, plus challenging-to-spell shapes (like an elephant and a rhinoceros), so you can introduce a few teaching moments into playtime. As an added bonus, the different molds are also great for “funning up” everyday foods like fruit, cheese, and sandwiches.

Maximize Fun by Going Mini

Toaster Oven from WayfairOven Mitt from WayfairYour oven may look mighty intimidating to small kids when they first start rolling up their sleeves in the kitchen. Thus, using an appliance that’s smaller—like them—can help put them at ease.

The disarming Mini Smart Toaster Oven by Breville is a practical appliance you’ll enjoy, and it even has a cookie cooking function.

Remember, though: it may be mini, but it gets hot like any oven, so have a few oven mitts on hand, like the adorable and inspirational Frosted Cupcake Oven Mitt by Flirty Aprons.

Keep Their Clothes (and Your Memories) Covered

In every life, a little batter must splatter. Baking with kids means protecting their clothing, but you can take it one step further and build in a cool craft with the Child Cotton Apron and Fabric Pen Set. Your little artist (slash baker, slash math maven, slash alphabet whiz) can draw on the apron, creating a lasting memento of your fun day baking together. The drawing won’t come off in the wash, so this one will stay in your memory forever.

Teach your child to bake—and make lasting memories, too—with the help of efficient kitchen tools, like the portable and compact Mini Smart Toaster Oven by Breville, available through Wayfair.


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