Gifts to Help Your College Graduate Say ‘So Long’ to School


By Linnea Covington

There’s a reason that college graduations happen in the springtime, when everything changes. As each student enters the real world of nine-to-five jobs, bills, and cooking for themselves, a little gift to celebrate their accomplishment (and to help them with their new status) always proves appreciated.

However, since you don’t know where they’ll land or what exactly they’ll do, you want to make sure to send easy-to-move presents that take up little space. With that in mind, think travel, whimsical decor, and special things to remind your college graduate of their home.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Whether your college graduate is coming back or going far away, it’s nice to remind them of their roots. Do this visually with a chic, framed geographical image of your local region by Map Marketing. Choose from hearts, a square, or the classic pin-drop shape, and simply plug in the address that your niece, nephew, son, or daughter should remember.

Cast Iron Signature Skillet by Le CreusetAnother personalized and heartfelt token is a cookbook featuring the family’s best recipes. Make your own with websites like and, and then send it off with a keepsake Cast Iron Signature Skillet by Le Creuset in their favorite hue, or their alma mater’s color.

Give the Gift of Adventure

Now that your college graduate has completed one life milestone, encourage them to spread their wings and explore the world.

Plane travelA great way to send them off on this journey is with a gift card for, so they can book the best deals on travel and visit the places they’ve been hoping to.

Of course, you can’t go across the ocean without the proper luggage—and a personalized suitcase like this Battenkill Carry-On Rollacase is a sentimental but useful gift. Another handy present for hitting the road is the TP-Line Wireless Nano Router: a little blue box that lets your grad tap into the web from wherever they are so they can send you fun photos and update you on their adventures.

Celebrate the Child Within

Just because their graduations are over doesn’t mean your little scholar doesn’t still long to play. There are a lot of small gifts you can send that speak to their inner child, but also have a purpose. How about a speaker that looks like a cloud and is also a lamp? Richard Clarkson Studio’s Tiny Cloud adds a fun, decorative twist on interior lighting that will gently brighten any room.

Remind your college graduate where home is with a charming framed image of an aerial map. Scope out the selection available on Fab!


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