Green Beauty Practices to Inspire Eco-Friendly Envy


By Jae Curtis

Sure, the contents of a gorgeous compact or a slick lipstick tube are important, but more and more beauty mavens are starting to ask about the cosmetic packaging itself. And why not? Eco-friendly cosmetics’ packaging keeps waste out of landfills. What’s more, green beauty offers organic, natural ingredients that haven’t been tested on animals, which means you can feel beautiful and environmentally-conscious while putting on your makeup.

Recycle and Reuse Compacts

Some of the most common culprits for cosmetic waste are the applicators. The sleek packaging that twists up your favorite shade of lipstick or holds your eye shadow is usually made of plastic that doesn’t break down in landfills. To go green, simply choose reusable compacts that allow you to swap out pans or replace product when you’re finished with it, such as the chic Limited Edition Shooting Stars Powder Compact by Estée Lauder: it’s both gorgeous and sustainable.

Another way to help reduce waste is choosing cosmetic brands that offer recycling programs. Some allow you to trade in empty packaging for points or free product, while others have special in-store recycling stands.

Go Green With Skin Care

Want green beauty products that really make you feel beautiful? Opt for skin care items that are composed of organic ingredients and use sustainable packaging. Not only do organic skin care products help you do your part, but natural ingredients are often gentler on your skin when compared to those that are made with harsh chemicals. The entire Panier Des Sens line is lovely. It ranges from luxurious hand creams to soaps and body butter, all boasting organic ingredients like olive oil and lavender.

Choose Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Smith & Cult MakeupYou might be surprised at which of your favorite brands still use animal testing to bring their products to market. Exposing animals to potentially dangerous chemicals is neither environmentally-friendly nor kind. Thankfully, green practices have been catching on.

Many of the brands that don’t test on animals aren’t only cruelty free, they often offer vegan options—like this gorgeous, gold-glittery Hi-Speed Sonnet Lip Lacquer by Smith & Cult.

Do your research and find brands that align with your new passion: eco-friendly cosmetics.

Skip Synthetic Hair Care

Don’t forget about your hair! Green beauty products definitely extend to your tresses, so look for products that offer gentle ingredients that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. Try using less water and go for an organic dry shampoo like Alder New York Lavender Hair Powder. Not only is it totally synthetic-free, but it’ll allow you to skip a day or two of washing so you can conserve water—beautifully, of course.

If you decide to make the move to eco-conscious cosmetics, you won’t just be updating your beauty routine with natural ingredients and real results: you’ll also be doing your part to reduce emissions, waste, and animal testing in your own way. Be a total trendsetting beauty maven and show that green can be gorgeous by opting for eco-friendly products whenever possible.

Check out organic beauty products, like Smith & Cult's vegan-friendly Hi-Speed Sonnet Lip Lacquer, available through Neiman Marcus.


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