How to Build a Registry and Still Make It to the Altar


By Megan Koester

Planning your nuptial is likely one of the most stressful and overwhelming things you’ll ever do—figuring out how to build a registry is but one of a million items on your wedding to-do list. When trying to outfit your new life with items you and your spouse-to-be love, it’s important to put some serious consideration into your registry. After all, the gifts you receive on your special day will, like your marriage, (hopefully) last a lifetime.

It’s vital that you register through a company that stocks a wide range of products, and put some thought into your needs vs. wants—when it comes to your registry, the more practical the item, the better. Wondering what you should ask for? These five items are a good start:


Silver platters and fancy soup ladles are nice and all, but it’s best to ask your guests for things you’ll be using on a day-to-day basis, like a set of simple dinnerware. The chic 16-Piece Ciara Dinnerware Service by Mikasa, in timeless bone china, will provide everyday service for years to come.


Henckles FlatwareOK, so you’ve covered the plates—next up, flatware!

Inspired by a circa-1800s pattern, the 45-Piece “Vintage” Flatware Service by Henckels is made of stainless steel and includes eight five-piece place settings as well as a five-piece hostess set.

The set is a rare combination of classy and utilitarian that you’ll love using again and again.

CookwareCalphalon Cookwear

What’s the use of having plates and forks if you have nothing to use them with?

Cooking will always be a constant in your life, and the Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set by Calphalon will help you whip up amazing meals week after week.

Another practical, built-to-last item? Now you’re getting the hang of how to build a registry!

Cutlery Set

Mercer Cutlery SetWhen you’re getting to the bottom of how to build a registry, sometimes you forget the little things, cutlery being one of them—but you can’t cook without knives!

The Genesis 6-Piece Glass Knife Block Set by Mercer Cutlery, which comes in block made of modern and stylish tempered glass, will fit with any kitchen decor, making it both functional and beautiful.


Sometimes the best gifts aren’t tangible. Want to add a charitable aspect to your wedding day? Ask your guests to make a donation to the Red Cross in lieu of a present, and check “give back” off your wedding to-do list!

A set of simple, chic dinnerware is the perfect gift for a newly married couple. This 16-Piece Ciara Dinnerware Service by Mikasa is made of timeless bone china and designed to last for decades—get it now through Neiman Marcus.


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