How to Go Green with Environmentally Friendly Products


By John Montesi

Lots of people think of Earth Day as something you celebrate just once a year, by planting a tree or taking a minute-shorter shower.

While quick, day-of observations are great, environmentally friendly products make it easier than ever to care for the planet all year ’round. Learning how to go green doesn’t require dramatic lifestyle changes—just focus on greener versions of products you already use. Here’s a look at some ways to increase your eco-friendliness without having to drive a sputtering biodiesel VW bus (although that’s pretty groovy, too):

Say ‘I Was Going to Buy That Anyway!’ to Upcycled Products

Wondering how to go green without giving up on shopping entirely? Reduce demand for new materials by buying recycled or upcycled products.

Recycled ottomanRecycled home goods can wear their green roots proudly, or hide them so well you’d never guess they were made from innovative materials. Upcycling goods can create one-of-a-kind, vintage-looking furniture—like this Recycled Canvas Stripe Pouf Ottoman—that turns old, worn-out items into cool, shabby-chic furniture.

As spring and summer approach, it’s time to add a splash of color to your indoor or outdoor spaces. The Summer Stripes Indoor/Outdoor Rug from Orvis brings the outside in (or is that the inside out?) while showcasing what the world can do with those pesky plastic water bottles—turn them into durable, stylish home décor!

Reduce Waste Through Reuse, Recycled Materials

By now, you’ve probably heard that single-use water bottles are one of the biggest enemies in the fight against unnecessary waste. Reusable water bottles pay for themselves in no time and eliminate potential waste every time you fill them up. Being environmentally friendly is extra easy when it saves money instead of costing more, and the No Pebble Mine Water Bottle is made from recycled aluminum cans, which adds a degree of meta sustainability to an already great product.

Whether your city has already passed a law banning plastic grocery bags or not, another single-use item that’s quickly going the way of the plastic water bottle is the plastic bag. Regardless of if there’s a tax associated with them, or they’ve been banned completely, bringing your own tote to the grocery store is no longer exclusively for hipsters. It’s convenient and environmentally friendly, and the bags can usually handle a lot more weight than their flimsy, disposable counterparts. Just like the recycled aluminum bottle, the very groovy Paul Frank shopping tote is made from recycled materials, which stretches its eco cred even further.

Remember That It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

When deciding how to go green this Earth Day (and beyond), remember that retailers are making it easier than ever to be good to the planet without making wacky compromises that aren’t sustainable in daily life. A quick search for “recycled” on shopping websites like Rakuten yields just about any everything you could imagine: toilet paper, crayons, scented candles, neckties, bird feeders . . . the list goes on and on.

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s probably a green(er) version of it. Turns out you can have your retail therapy and be environmentally friendly, too.

The Summer Stripes Indoor/Outdoor Rug from Orvis is made from recycled water bottles, which means it's durable enough for use outside, reduces demand for new textiles, and eliminates bottles from landfills. It also looks great!


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