Make Your Kid’s Spring Birthday the Best Ever


By Evan Wade

Why is having a kid with a spring birthday so great? You get to play with all the cool outdoor toys they get.

In fact, if you plan your gifts right, your biggest problem won’t be coming up with present ideas—it’ll be convincing them to share some of their loot as the weather gets warmer! Here are a few fun-for-all-ages toys that make for brilliant springtime present ideas.

Get Them Droning On and On

Generally speaking, an RC quadcopter (or drone) will be the coolest present idea in any given year, and a combination of excellent ratings and easy controls make the UDI Discovery U818A-1 a top candidate. The user-friendly copter has drawn praise as an excellent entry-level machine for a long time now, and a recent update to the model makes it all the better for youngsters wanting to learn the drone ropes. If your goal is getting the kids outside this spring, birthday present ideas don’t get much better than this.

Two Wheels + Electric Motor = An Unforgettable Gift

Sure, you’ve seen all the hype about these “hoverboard” things—and sure, they’re pretty cool. But you know what’s better? Something that packs the utility of an electric motor with the timeless fun of a mountain bike.

Jeston Electric Kids Bike from WayfairThe Junior Kids Electric Bike by Jetson Bike hits all those high notes and more, offering a whopping 10 mile range on one charge plus a maximum speed of 12 mph (as well as parental controls to keep those little daredevils safe) for standard riding.

Electric biking is a beloved hobby for a reason. Make this high-powered two-wheeler the centerpiece of your spring birthday gift plans and find out why.

Pump Up the Fun with a Personal Bounce House

There are cool toys, and there are cool toys. The inflatable Cloud 9 Climb ‘n’ Slide definitely belongs in the second category. Although massive bounce toys used to be the exclusive domain of rental companies, this 17’x17’x9.5′ combination climbing wall and waterslide can be bought by anyone with the yard space to spare. Want to be the coolest house on the block this spring? This one’s for you.

Extreme Playhouse MakeoverPlayhouse from Wayfair

Simply put, modern playhouses are no joke. Take Little Cottage Company’s Firehouse Kit Playhouse. With a working window and a brass fire bell, it’s the kind of place an adult could imagine playing in.

And while you may not be able to squeeze into this miniature dream home — you do have an adult-sized house of your own, after all — the playhouse’s multiple size options ensure your young ones can, no matter what their age or size.

For younger kids, spring birthday present ideas don’t get much more amazing than this.

Engage in Water Bead Warfare

The Xploderz X3 Invader may be smaller than some of the items on this list, but it still packs huge springtime fun. Instead of foam darts, it fires biodegradable blobs commonly known as “water beads”—small, soft hydrogel spheres the kids can grow themselves with nothing more than a glass of water. Toy water guns are a warm-weather classic—if the thought of turning your kids loose with paintball guns gives you a migraine, check out this neater, safer alternative.

Give your kid the coolest ride on the block with the Junior Kids Electric Bike, available at Wayfair.


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