Necessities For A New House You Might Not Know You Need


By Jessica D Festa

Purchasing residential property is an exciting milestone. Making the investment will provide you with a permanent address, but you’ll also want to secure the standard – and special – necessities for a new house in order to transform it into your home. Creating a must-have checklist can help you prepare for different situations, and ensure that you and your guests are always comfortable. These five things should be at the top of your list:

Wine Within Reach

If you’ve ever had a rough day at work, you know that a glass (or two) of wine is sometimes a necessity. You arrive home, slip off your shoes and breathe a sigh of relief, grabbing the bottle of Bordeaux and a glass. Opening the cabinet drawer, you dig around for the corkscrew. Not there. Maybe you left it on the counter? Nope.

Instead of going online to research how to open wine using a shoe and brute force, add the Table-Mounted Corkscrew by Epicureanist to your must-have checklist of necessities for a new house—and never run into this problem again.

Clean, Fresh Air

It’s hard to enjoy spending time at home with allergens and pollutants clogging the air. When deciding what necessities for a new house are actually necessary, consider adding an air purification system to the register.

Whether it’s odors from old food, dander and pollen from your pup (who just rolled around in your garden . . . again), or germs from the kids touching who-knows-what, the 3-in-1 Digital Air Purifier Cleaning System by GermGuardian can keep your home’s air clean and fresh. It’s sort of like being in the mountains, but inside your brand-new indoor haven.

The Sound of Music

One must often choose between having less-than-stellar sound or buying bulky speakers that sit awkwardly on tables and shelves. If you’d prefer something more discrete that still offers crisp sound and perfect bass, the compact 2-Way In-Wall Speakers easily mount into the ceiling to provide a more immersive experience (especially as they swivel to customize sound direction!). Use them to craft your optimal home theater—where every crackling fire and snapping twig puts you into the movie—or create a space where guests can show off their best dance moves.

Safe Exit Strategies

Fire Escape Ladder from WayFairWhile you hope to never need it, having a plan in place to get out of your home quickly is essential, in case of fire or other disasters.

The 13-foot Steel Fire Escape Ladder by Kidde easily hooks to a second-story window to elongate for a safe exit.

Having one in each room of the house is a smart move (maybe unless you have teenagers).

Secure Spots for Keys

You’ve finally got the kids ready, everyone’s shoes are on, and you’ve got your coffee in hand when you realize . . . you have no idea where your keys are.

The Sharper Image Portable Electronic Key Finder should be on your must-have checklist of necessities for a new house, as you can simply press a remote button to have your keys actually ring via paired chip.

Buy this Table-Mounted Corkscrew from Epicureanist through Wayfair in order to ensure you never go without wine again!


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