What to Get the Mom Who Has Everything This Mother’s Day


By Megan Koester

Sometimes, the people you’re closest to are the hardest to shop for. What, for example, do you get the mom who has everything? Something from this list of left-of-center Mother’s Day gifts—that’s what!

From accessories to jewelry, you can safely buy any of the unique and eccentric presents on this list, knowing Mom doesn’t already own them:

Sous vide is a French method of cooking wherein food is sealed in airtight plastic bags and submerged in temperature-controlled water, where it cooks evenly and stays juicy until you’re ready to eat.

AquaChef from WayfairThink of it like a crock pot, but one where you can prepare perfectly flaky salmon and medium-rare steaks.

Looking for a gift for the mom who has everything but time to spare? She’ll save a lot of it (and get to savor a lot of flavor) with the AquaChef Sous Vide Starter Kit.


Sure, flowers are a tried and true Mother’s Day staple—but these particular buds come with a twist. The selection of colorful flowers and unique vases available at 1800Flowers are sure to bring a smile to any mother’s face. Shipped right to her door, a vibrant bouquet is a thoughtful surprise she won’t soon forget. With a little water and sunshine, it’ll brighten her special day, and many more to come.


After a long day, there’s nothing like a great pair of pajamas to make the nighttime feel perfect. This Sheer Stripes Nude Pajama Set by Creatures of Comfort provides a timeless and luxurious reprieve from the day, making mom feel downright royal.

JewelryCustom necklace from Neiman Marcus

Looking for a gift just as unique as Mom? A simple, elegant monogram necklace is a great choice.

The 18k Gold Vermeil Medium 3-Letter Monogram Necklace by Jennifer Zeuner will quickly become one of her go-to pieces of jewelry—which means she’ll be thinking of you each time she catches a glimpse of it.

When buying something for the mom who has everything, it’s always a good idea to branch out and get her something fun and funky—that way, you know for sure she doesn’t already have it. The beautifully beachy Dot ZigZag Scarf by Debbie Martin fits the bill perfectly during warm summer months, with its unique patchwork design, charming tassels, and jeweled accents. It’s one of a kind: just like her.

Want to get your mom a Mother's Day present she'll love for years to come? This simple and elegant monogram necklace—cast in 14 karat gold and available through Neiman Marcus—is as unique as it is thoughtful.


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