Date Night at Home Ideas for the 21st Century


By John Montesi

An exquisite dinner made from scratch is one of the best date night at home ideas. It incorporates whimsy, surprise, and a delicious meal into an everyday setting (and usually leads to some fantastic leftovers). Oftentimes, the biggest barrier to a great homemade dinner is the time it takes to go shopping for everything. However, thanks to a wide variety of online retailers and apps, you can now shop from wherever you are and have everything at the house when you get home.

Set the Scene

Of all date night at home ideas, none is more important than putting a nice vase of flowers on the table. 1-800 Flowers now has an app that makes forgetting the flowers truly inexcusable—but even if you don’t remember ’til you’re home, there’s still time!

Tivoli Audio Radio from WayfairBest of all, the available bouquets are so gorgeous, your date might not even notice if you burn the appetizers or forget an ingredient.

Start getting in the romantic mood while you’re cooking by pulling up a perfect playlist for the evening. Playing your preferred tunes through a wireless speaker such as the sleek Model One Bluetooth Table Radio by Tivoli Audio will help your house sound a lot better than any restaurant.

Skip the Lines

Whether you get groceries delivered via FreshDirect or need the creative advantage offered by an ingredients-for-a-full-meal delivery service, it’s easy to skip the long lines and stress of staring at ten different kinds of tomatoes by ordering exactly what the recipe calls for (or having the recipe delivered to you). Even with the helping hand, the meal is still totally homemade, so your date night at home isn’t “just getting takeout,” even if it feels almost that easy.

Home Sweet Home

The best date night at home ideas require a bit of creativity, but there’s no better feeling than serving up a homemade dinner in the place you feel most comfortable. Although, “comfortable” doesn’t necessarily mean “boring.”

If you want to spice up the old idea of “dinner and a movie” without leaving the house, you can now bring the big screen home—or even take it outside. Paired with a projector, the Yard Master Projection Screen by Elite Screens provides 100″ of viewing pleasure wherever you’d like to watch, be it your bedroom, basement or backyard. What could be more romantic than enjoying a picnic dinner, bottle of wine, and your favorite film under the stars?

A few subtle touches like flowers and the right soundtrack can transform a space you’re used to into a romantic escape—and saving time on shopping makes it easy to surprise your date on a random weeknight (or even if you forgot it was your anniversary until lunchtime that day). Thank goodness for smartphones!

Nothing says "date night" quite as clearly as a really nice bouquet of flowers. With same-day delivery and a stunning array of options, 1-800 Flowers makes it easy to set the stage.


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