The New Beauty Counter: Beauty Bloggers and Influencers


By Jae Curtis

You might not put much stock in beauty bloggers’ influence—but consider how much more likely you are to purchase a product when a friend recommends one to you. Online beauty fans are no exception: a OnePoll survey found that 75 percent of YouTube viewers are more likely to purchase a beauty product after seeing it in an online video.

Increasingly, beauty bloggers are becoming the go-to authorities for everything cosmetics-related.

While women may have once visited the beauty counter for updates on the latest products and fashion tips, the beauty blog currently reigns supreme, with makeup enthusiasts now turning to social media for their daily fix. Consider this the “girlfriend effect.” Beauty bloggers are seen not as models or actors, but as real-life friends whose opinions and reviews can be trusted to be unbiased.

If you’re looking to take your makeup to the next level, these bloggers are a trusted source of knowledge and know-how.

Makeup and Fashion Tips for the Rest of Us

The name “Temptalia” is practically synonymous with the term “beauty blogger.” In fact, one might argue that the website—founded in 2006 by social media maven and beauty enthusiast Christine Mielke—is the queen bee of beauty. There, some 8 million monthly visitors find beauty reviews, clever product dupe lists, and an entire community devoted to all things beauty. If you have questions about lipstick shades, mascara brands, or any other kind of cosmetic query, Temptalia is the first (and last) website you need to visit.

Surprisingly enough, Mielke isn’t a beauty expert or makeup artist—but that’s what makes Temptalia such a trusted blog.

Coming from a background as an accomplished business student, Mielke simply began posting reviews of her favorite everyday beauty products on her personal blog. As her library of reviews grew, so did her audience. The readers loved getting unbiased comments and tips from someone who—like them—wasn’t in the industry. Soon, it wasn’t just reviews, but tutorials, tips, product lists, and one of the most extensive dupe libraries on the Web.

Beauty Bloggers and Cosmetics Companies: the Perfect Complement

For their part, brands see bloggers as a win-win. Understanding that they’re less expensive and just as influential as say, a celebrity spokesperson, cosmetics companies are more than eager to make sure bloggers get first blush at their newest products. This symbiotic relationship has driven some of the cult-like following that brands such as Dior and Jo Malone have enjoyed after promoting products via beauty blogs and social media sponsorships.

Another huge winner has been Urban Decay. Thanks to influence and attention from bloggers, the brand’s Naked line has rocketed to stardom. When the company unveiled its latest “Smoky” palette, the product sold out in mere hours. The strategy? Let a few key beauty bloggers score the palette in advance to help generate buzz before the product was even on store shelves. It worked beautifully.

Trusted Information at Your Fingertips

Why go to the beauty counter when the beauty counter now comes to you? Instead of being sold products in a pressure-heavy department store environment, beauty enthusiasts now have a massive library of products, reviews, and fashion tips available online, thanks to the epic rise and influence of beauty bloggers.

Unlike salespeople, beauty blogs make readers feel like they’re getting the inside scoop from their BFF, through personalities like Temptalia. As makeup addicts continue to create and curate beauty-driven content, they’ll continue to capitalize on their real-girl status to create unreal beauty empires.

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