Housewarming Party Gifts You’ll Want to Keep


By Jessica D Festa

Old-school kitchen gifts have run their course. It’s not that a blender is a bad thing to bring to a good friend’s housewarming party, but c’mon—you can do better than that. The following items will help you transform your friend’s newly-minted kitchen into a personalized retreat with a touch of timelessness.

Banish Tepid Coffee

Picture the new homeowner waking up on a Sunday with the sun streaming through the blinds, a novel waiting on the bay window. In the air, the aroma of fresh coffee beckons from the kitchen, the hot liquid providing vitality through a steaming mug meant to be sipped and savored.

The only problem with this: the longer they enjoy, the colder their coffee gets.

This is where kitchen gifts like the Vacuum Insulated Coffee Press come in. With this cutting edge press, your friend can both brew their preferred roast and keep it hot for up to six hours—offering the perfect housewarming present for java lovers. If your giftee likes to travel, this light and compact gadget brews without electricity.

Drink Your Bubbly Right

Wine and Champagne glassesThere’s a reason that there are so many kinds of drinking glasses—your beverage’s characteristics dictate which glass will enhance its most pleasurable nuances, from the tiny Port glass that accommodates the libation’s stronger pour to a polished Champagne flute that keeps those delightful bubbles trickling up the glass.

The 18-Piece Wine & Champagne Glass Set by Wayfair Basics is a great gift to bring to your next housewarming party, as its sleek wine glasses (six for white, six for red) and Champagne glasses can ensure that your friends will only have to worry about what to pour at their upcoming gatherings.

Grow Your Own GreensHydroponic system

Nothing says “welcome to adulthood” like taking care of plants and voluntarily eating vegetables, right?

To help your friend transform their new space and become more self-sufficient, Emilys Hydroponic Garden System by Hydrofarm features six planters that attach to a two-gallon water tank with a water level indicator (for friends who mean well but aren’t the most attentive).

Personalize Your Cookware

CUSTOMIZABLE CUTTING BOARDAlmost everyone owns a cutting board, but does everyone own a personalized cutting board? Give your friend a unique kitchen gift with a modern take on this traditional housewarming party present.

While there is a seemingly infinite number of patterns to choose from, the Block Island Personalized Cutting Board is a pleasing mix of festive and understated styles. Its bold navy blue and white stripes are punched up by an orange overlay center that you can customize with your friend’s name—or maybe an inside joke.

Take out the GuessworkDigital Measuring Cup

When you finally get your own place, that means you can mess up the kitchen as much as you want, but the responsibility that comes with owning a house calls for it to be an organized mess.

If your friend is going to be cooking or baking, it doesn’t get much classier (or more precise) than the Digital Measuring Cup by Salter—they’ll no longer wonder where the 3/4 cup line is, or how a cake that burns on the bottom doesn’t cook in the middle.

Going to a housewarming party? Get your java-loving friend a portable Vacuum Insulated Coffee Press through Rakuten, so they can enjoy their preferred roast anytime, anywhere.


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