Wardrobe Essentials: Staple Pieces Every Girl Should Have


By Reannon Muth

While everyone’s personal style may differ, there are certain staple pieces that no girl should go without.

Whether your fashion tastes lean toward the classic or the quirky, you can’t go wrong with wardrobe essentials like a white cotton tee or black pointed-toe heels. These items belong in your closet because they’re versatile and work well with any personality type or body shape.

This spring, as you purge your closet of last summer’s harem pants, consider updating your wardrobe with the following personality-enhancing pieces.

For the Bohemian Romantic

~ Staple Pieces: Colorful Printed Pants and a Gold Necklace

Flowing pants from Neiman MarcusMaybe flared pants and beaded headbands are part of your daily wardrobe—or maybe your style tends to be more conservative, but you’d like to experiment with a more whimsical look. Whatever the case may be, two pieces you should consider adding to your bohemian clothing collection are colorful print pants and a delicate gold necklace.

Multicolored-print pants will match a variety of shirt colors and styles. You can pair these Aryn Folkloric Printed Silk Pants with a crop top and sandals for a more hippie-inspired look, or a black top, fitted blazer, and heels for an office outfit.

Add a long gold necklace for a hint of romantic sophistication, and you’ll be groovy.

For the Classic Minimalist

Smythe blazer Neiman Marcus

~ Staple pieces: Fitted Blazer and Black Pointed-Toe Heels

The classic, understated blazer works great for those who aren’t big fans of loud prints or showy styles. A blazer has the seemingly magical ability to elevate even the most frumpy “jeans and sneakers” ensemble to a trendy, pulled-together look.

The selection of blazers by clothier Smythe offers a wide selection of unique styles, including the Duchess One-Button Linen Blazer Pair any look with some classic black pumps, and you’re set for a day in the office or a night on the town. Even if you don’t work in an office, a well-fitted blazer is a must-have.

For the Edgy Fashionista

~ Staple Pieces: Red Lipstick and a “Statement Piece” Necklace

Not everyone can pull off red lipstick, but for those drawn to a more dramatic fashion style, ruby red lips are the perfect way to tie an understated outfit together and ensure you’ll stand out in a crowd.

Add a funky statement piece to your ensemble, like one of the eclectic necklaces available through online retailer Fab, and you (and your strawberry red lips) will go from plain to photogenic in seconds.

For the Casual Athlete

~ Staple Pieces: A Cashmere Sweater and the Perfect White T-Shirt

Cashmere sweater from Neiman MarcusCashmere sweaters are ideal for tomboys who are more likely to ride a horse than get their toenails painted. But even if you consider yourself a girly girl, there are days when warmth and comfort take priority.

A good cashmere sweater—like the Rib-Stitched option from Vince—is soft, and comfortable enough to wear every day, yet classic and rich enough not to look plain.

The perfect white T-shirt is another one of those wardrobe essentials that will never go out of style and can be paired with anything. A fitted white tee looks great under a blazer, a cashmere sweater, and pretty much any kind of necklace—it’s a true American classic.

The Rib-Stitched Cashmere Sweater by Vince is a sophisticated addition to a classic and timeless wardrobe. Buy it now at Neiman Marcus!


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