4 Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen


By Kylie Ora Lobell

Your wedding day is coming up soon. You (or your significant other) have taken care of the venue, the catering, the DJ, and the staff. Now it’s time to go out and find the perfect gifts for your groomsmen.

Don’t settle for a beer pong set or an engraved flask. Find gifts that won’t surreptitiously find their way into this summer’s yard sales.

Watch Cuff Links

Cufflinks Inc. Square Watch Movement Cuff Links, Silver from Neiman MarcusYour friends can wear these Square Watch Movement Cuff Links by Cufflinks Incorporated on the day of your wedding—and any formal occasion thereafter. The classy gifts come with working clocks, so there’s no need to wear a watch or check your cellphone for the time.

The cuff links are sure to impress your groomsmen and leave them without any excuses for showing up late on the big day.

Travel Kits

The Dopp Travel Kit from Baxter of California will keep your buddies looking good and feeling fresh. They can use the travel kit if they’re coming in from out of town for the wedding, or take it with them on vacation. It includes daily face wash, moisturizer, super close shave formula, a daily protein shampoo, and an aftershave balm. The bottles are refillable, and the caps are leak-resistant, so even your most laid-back friend will have no excuse for looking scruffy on your big day.

Customized Massages

Everybody needs a break and some quality R and R from time to time. Give your friends a customized massage from a vendor near you through LivingSocial and they’ll be relaxed and ready to go on your wedding day.

You can find everything from a soft Swedish-style massage to a full deep-tissue thrashing. This way, none of them can cite stress as an excuse for asking your mother-in-law-to-be about her ex-husband.

Printed Socks (3 Pack)Cool Socks

Funky socks are very much in style right now. You and your groomsmen have pretty much a limitless assortment to choose from on the Gilt website.

Whether you pick hearts, argyle, or little ducks, make sure you wait to give them to your bros just as they’re getting ready—leaving no room for the indefensible white-socks-with-a-tux faux pas.

Voilà: great groomsmen gifts are great for you, too!

Buy the Square Watch Movement Cuff Links from Neiman Marcus for the bros in your wedding party. Check them out here!


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