Gifts to Ready Your High School Graduate for the Next Step


By Linnea Covington

Whether the high school graduate you’re celebrating is your kid, niece, nephew, grandbaby, or godchild, acknowledging their accomplishment with a token big or small is important. But, before you go shopping for that special gift, think about some graduation themes like moving on, growing up, and relishing the last of childhood.

No matter what generous path you might take, aim to purchase something your teen will love and use in their college career. Here are some neat ideas:

Useful Yet Cool

Every college student needs a solid backpack that they can schlep all their books, papers, and computer around in. Long-gone are the days of crazy patterns and Hello Kitty—instead, get your high school graduate a bag that makes them feel like a grownup.

The sleek Terrain Flaptop Backpack by Harvest Travel is a light-weight, waterproof pack that’s good for both the classroom and running around outdoors. Make the gift even better by filling it with goodies such as candy bars, pads of paper, pens, and maybe a useful gadget like the Tassel Lightning Cable Keychain by Chic Buds: a handy charging device the looks like a standard trinket. Add in the Dictionary Diversion Metal Key Lock Book Safe so they can keep their valuables secure in their dorm or apartment, and voilà—you have a thoughtful (and useful) present that’s perfect for graduation themes of all kinds.

Get Them in the College Zone

Nothing makes the days of studying that lie ahead easier to tackle than a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Not only can they block out a roommate’s snoring, but if the young scholar needs to take a break and rock out, they can just turn them up for a private dance party. You can opt for something sleek and fashionable like the Layla Rose Gold Headphones from Frends, or the strong Zik Touch-Activated Bluetooth Headphones by Parrot.

Play Before School

Let your high school graduate have one last hurrah before heading into the real word (or back to school) by gifting a season pass to the local amusement or water park. In addition, have them record their summer of fun with the handy Polaroid Cube Sports Lifestyle Action Video Camera. They can hook this weather-resistant digital camera to their belt loop, keychain, or special pendant to snap pics of their graduation party and exciting adventures. After all, what better way is there to remember home and childhood than with photos and video to prove it happened?

Get some ridiculously stylish rose-gold, noise-cancelling Layla Rose Gold Headphones from Frends for those quiet study sessions - click here to scope them out on Rakuten!


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