Get Your Favorite Golfer (Who May Be You) out on the Links!


By John Montesi

Late spring is the time when the grass gets greener, the days get longer, and the weather gets better. For a golfer, these conditions mean it’s time to swap out the sad, wintry driving range for full days spent golfing nine or 18. Some of these products will have you or the favorite golfer in your life ready to hit the links in search of a record-low score. And when you buy with MasterPass at Golfsmith you’ll save 20% on purchases over $150 using promo code MCPASS at checkout (valid 6/6/16-6/11/16).

The Ground Game

Under Armour recently launched its new Drive One series of shoes. Shoes are regularly overlooked as a critical part of golfing, but quality soles and spikes can make the difference between feeling connected to the ground and sliding all over the place when the weather is anything other than sunny and 75. Because, let’s face it: being a fair-weather golfer is just as bad as being a fair-weather fan.

Play More

Springtime brings beautiful weather, but it also brings unpredictable conditions, including quick rainstorms. Schedules rarely align with weather forecasts, so instead of letting that lingering chance of precipitation dictate your game, seek out the Zero Restriction Cloud, which tucks away effortlessly in your bag and lets you keep golfing without getting soaked when those April (and May…and June) showers roll through.

Just Ta It in

No part of the golf course changes more based on the seasons than the greens. Putting can make or break your golf game, and you use your putter on every hole that’s not a chip shot (or one of those mythical holes-in-one). Even a high-end putter is a relatively small fraction of the total cost of a set of clubs, so if you’re looking to make a big upgrade without breaking the bank, browsing the latest putters can dramatically change the golfing experience for you (or that special someone who always comes home talking about that one two-putt on number 14).

Make Contact

Clubs are the biggest game-changer for every golfer. You use an iron on virtually every hole, and as your game and technology continue to improve, your swing and playing style can benefit immensely from any of the latest Golf Digest Gold-Medal-winning irons. While the exact iron set you choose will be determined by a huge amount of factors, being able to shop all of Golf Digest’s highest recommendations in one place is a game-changer. Now, about that short game….

The new Under Armour Drive shoes are totally disrupting the golf shoe industry.


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