Father’s Day Tech for Your Non-Techie Grandfather


By Evan Wade

Buying a high-tech Father’s Day gift for parents or grandparents as an adult can be a pretty big challenge.

Even the most dedicated children and grandchildren don’t always like buying gadgets for a non-techie grandfather. Fielding a dozen calls a day about, “How do I turn this thing on?” or “Why isn’t the finger clicker (read: mouse) working?” can get old fast, no matter how much you love your pops.

A Consistent Ecosystem

Even then, some grandparents still want to be a part of the tech revolution, and it’s your job to guide them through it when they ask. The best advice in this situation is to keep the ecosystem they currently use consistent—and if they’ve been total luddites up to this point, it’s your goal to put them in a single ecosystem.

Let’s say Grandpa already carries a Samsung Galaxy S6 but has decided he wants a laptop to take to HOA meetings and Rotary Club events. Getting him a Chromebook will allow him to manage all of his information from just one account, as opposed to having one for every electronic device he owns. Using cloud technology, he’ll also be able to sync the music and movies he’s bought and photos he’s taken across devices with minimal hassle (once you explain the cloud to him).

Cutting the Cable

Of course, not every Father’s Day gift has to be as big or complex as a laptop. If he’s a TV watcher, your non-techie grandfather could make great use of a small streaming box.

Here, the Roku 2 Network Audio/Video Player makes a lot of sense. The device has a remote with a built-in Netflix button, making it super easy for Grandpa to access his account. That said, he doesn’t necessarily have to carry an account with the streaming giant to get a kick out of his new Roku set: a huge list of included content providers, ranging from cable channels to online-only “networks,” means there’s an endless stream of content—both paid and unpaid—for him to access through the box.

A Universal Favorite

If anything, the best high-tech Father’s Day gift for a non-techie grandfather simplifies things—and if “non-techie” is the best way to describe your grandpa, the tangle of boxes and gizmos beneath his TV undoubtedly frustrates him.

Enter Logitech’s Harmony line. Devices like the Harmony Ultimate One IR Remote allow Grandpa to control his cable boxes, the TV itself, and other devices (up to a total of 15) from a single, easy-to-use device. Even better, the gadget packs a number of convenient features, like the whopping 50 “favorite channel” icons on the touchscreen, and an easy online setup process. Unlike other universal remotes, the Harmony Ultimate also features a minimalist physical design (with fewer buttons to accidentally press). If your non-techie grandfather is constantly searching for, fussing with, and even cussing at remotes, this gift could make it the best Father’s Day for years to come.

Give Grandpa total control of his electronics with the Harmony Ultimate One IR Remote by Logitech, available at Newegg.


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