Today’s Smart House: Home Delivery, Smart Alerts, and More


By Evan Wade

On the list of areas ripe for a little technological reworking, home administration has to be near the top.

Automation is all about making rote tasks easier, after all—and having a host of interconnected products that alert you when an item’s supply is running low, or automatically place an order for home delivery before you even notice you’re running out, is downright functional and cool.

The Smart Fridge

Smart refrigerators, packed with jaw-dropping, intuitive features, are almost ready to change the way you interact with your fridge. That statement may sound a bit dramatic, but one look at a high-tech, Wi-Fi-enabled appliance can show just how true it is: with a touchscreen display, and cameras that take pictures of your current food inventory, it’s hard to look at it and not feel like you’re living in the future. Using an app on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to check on the contents of your refrigerator—anytime, anywhere.

But the big feature here is convenience. By syncing their smart refrigerators with services like Freshdirect, individuals in some areas will be able to make home delivery grocery orders direct from their fridge. Additionally, the appliance will learn their shopping and eating habits and make suggestions based on its findings. It’s an exciting time.

The Smart HVAC

Replacing air filters is one of those all-or-nothing propositions. You either do it twice as much as you need to or half as much. Air filter Wi-Fi devices aim to make this problem a thing of the past. The Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo will not only text you an alert when your filters are clogged to the point of inefficiency, it lets you check up on your filters’ health using cloud-based portals.

You can also outfit your home with an intuitive climate control device to enjoy having greater command over your heating and cooling—and your utility bills. The Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat from Honeywell boasts a customizable color touchscreen, indoor humidity sensor, and smart response temperature timing. The best part is that you can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to remotely manipulate the thermostat. Forget to turn the A/C off before heading on vacation? No worries.

The Smart Garden

Gardening is always fun, but if you travel a lot, keeping direct control over your precious plants can be a bit of a pain. While paying a human gardener is one viable solution, why not add a smart irrigation system to your list of interconnected products?

The Blossom 12-Zone Smart Watering Controller may not pack features like automatic home delivery ordering, but it doesn’t need it. Instead, this home automation tool is designed for remote (and automated) control. Want to change your watering cycles over in-flight Wi-Fi? Go ahead. Would you rather let it program its own watering practices from the real-time weather data it pulls? By all means. With 12 programmable zones for a huge variety of plant life, it doesn’t matter how big your garden or lawn is: Blossom can help.

Manage your garden while on the go with the Blossom 12-Zone Smart Watering Controller, available at Newegg.


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