Summer Party Patio Revamp Ideas for an Awesome Bash


By Jessica D Festa

The summer solstice is almost here: what better time to celebrate outside?

Your patio is likely still in winter mode, but a patio revamp can transform it into a social space for a summer party. Remember, the goal is to create a fun and welcoming environment that encourages guests to relax, mingle, and laugh until—and hopefully after—sundown.

Give Guests a Place to Rest

Sure, you can put out a bunch of plastic chairs, but these do nothing to enhance the space’s ambiance. Think about colors, textures, and comfort for your patio revamp. Start by adding this Outdoor Rattan Set 4 Piece Sofa Wicker Sectional Garden Patio Furniture to the mix. It includes a love seat and two single-serve chairs, as well as a tempered glass-top table that looks great and is sturdy enough for food platters and drinks. White cushions against the black forms adds a sophisticated feel, while the large, overhanging umbrella allows summer party guests to grab some shade.

Feed ‘Em the Good Stuff
Along with considering seating, your patio revamp should take rumbling tummies into account.

Napoli Authentic European Style Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven by LNothing pairs better with hoppy beer, bubbly cocktails, and savory wine than pizza made in a Napoli Authentic European Style Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven.

If pizza’s your passion, add a red and white gingham tablecloth and a couple of candles in wine bottles, and ecco: you’ve serving up pies in your very own al fresco pizzeria.

Woven Fire Pit by CobraCo from WayfairIndulge Their Sweet Tooth
And for a summer party dessert: s’mores! A Woven Fire Pit by CobraCo is the perfect combo of nostalgia and contemporary style.

Before the start of your summer party, gather wood and carve out roasting sticks and pokers for a rustic touch. Your guests will be telling ghost stories and daring each other to jump into the lake naked in no time!

Kids Games With an Adult Twist
Now, for the entertainment portion of the summer party: who doesn’t love a good game of cornhole? Well, once you break out the Cornhole Bean Bag Toss Game, nobody will able to resist.

Get in Touch With Nature
Along with food and games, the fact that you’re outdoors means you should enjoy what nature has to offer. Enter, the Bloom Perch Hummingbird Feeder. Hand-crafted from recycled glass, it allows you to watch these quick and beautiful creatures flock to your patio and perch for some sweet nectar. For a fun challenge: ask guests to capture a hummingbird in motion, and offer a prize for the best photo.

With a wood-fired pizza oven, you'll be the coolest host at the hottest summer party. Scope out this Napoli Authentic European Style Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven, available through Wayfair!


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