Camping Trip Essentials for a Romantic Outdoor Excursion


By Jessica D Festa

A camping trip is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the great outdoors. Falling asleep under the stars to the sounds of nature, cooking your own food, inhaling invigorating scents of pine and orchids while relaxing with a book in your tent . . . sounds like Heaven!

While Mother Nature does plenty on her own to make an al fresco adventure memorable, there are a number of products you can add to your camping checklist that will simplify the journey and enhance your experience.

Cook up a Feast

Sure, beans from a can and uncooked hot dogs are an acceptable meal (sort of), but with camping checklist items like an Ascend 5-Piece Backpack Cookset, you can heighten the quality of your camping trip fare with little effort.

Ascend 5-Piece Backpack Cookset from Bass Pro ShopsThe set contains two pots, two frying pans that double as lids, and a pot gripper. All together, the streamlined kit weighs only about two pounds, and it comes with a mesh bag for easy carrying.

Picture tender braised beef with seasonal veggies, gooey pizza nachos, and spicy coconut curry soup after a long day of hiking. Now that’s nourishment!

Prepare for Adventure

Speaking of hiking, no camping checklist would be complete without walking poles. A set of Adventure Series hiking poles by Urban Poles is sturdy enough to support your weight, and the telescoping poles collapse to make the most of what little space you have in your camping trip pack. For a get-in-shape twist, the poles actually help you burn up to 46% more calories than “regular walking” sans poles, due to the fact they engage your core more.

Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock from Bass Pro ShopsCreate a Cozy Campsite

Along with your active pursuits, much of your time while on the camping trip will be spent at the actual campsite, meaning you’ll want to plan the details of your temporary home.

For sleeping, an Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock is uber-spacious—you can fit two people in it—and sturdy for back support. It weighs only 1.25 pounds, and the breathable nylon material helps keep you cool and dries quickly if it gets wet.

Rest Your Head

Forget rolling up your sweatshirt into a ball! To enhance your nighttime comfort, a Therm-a-Rest Compressible Foam Packable Travel Sleeping Pillow is extremely portable (it rolls up to easily tuck into a pocket) and it expands into a firm yet soft pillow for back and neck support. Blue dots against a dreamy silver background transport you to Dreamland before you even fall asleep, making this item an essential. If you’ve ever had to hike with a crick in your neck, you know it’s not a pleasurable expereince—no matter how beautiful the scenery is.

Set the Mood

You’ve probably taken lighting into consideration when planning a party or booking a hotel (who doesn’t love floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light?), so why not on your camping trip?

Sure, the sun is great during the day, but there’s also nighttime to think about. Having a BioLite SightLight Lighting System on your camping checklist means you can control the strength and angle of your coupled daisy-chaining lights. Romantic camping trip for two? Dim lighting sets the mood. Looking to illuminate the campsite for story time with the family? Strong direct lighting makes this happen.

Forget hot dogs and beans. Create a gourmet camping meal with the Ascend 5-Piece Backpack Cookset, available through Bass Pro Shops. Yum!


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