BBQ Ideas and Summer Games for an Epic Fourth of July Bash


By Jessica D Festa

When brainstorming BBQ ideas and summer games for your Fourth of July bash, horseshoes, beer, and grilled meats are obvious choices. While all would enhance your social gathering, the following ideas could take your party planning to the next level with some creative fun:

Get Knotted

Literally. You’ve likely played Twister, but the Gianormous Get Knotted Game allows for more players (up to 15!) and comes complete with giant inflatable dice that add a silly Alice in Wonderland feel to your summer games. If your guests didn’t know each other before, they will certainly become acquainted after getting tangled during a friendly match.

Sip a Signature

If you ask famed wedding planner David Tutera what the reception’s bar should feature, he’ll tell you a good shindig has a signature drink. Add this to your list of BBQ ideas to elevate the al fresco experience.

Since it will be hot outside, cocktails that are light, refreshing, and spritzy work well—and adding in seasonal ingredients like watermelon, blueberries, mint, and cucumber gives context. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional mixologist, either, as the R-Evolution Cocktail Set includes your essential bartending tools, as well as 30 video recipes. Start with a standard, then tweak to make it your own.

Run Some Tests

Great BBQ ideas are personalized. Are you friends with some serious(ly a little annoying) wine or beer snobs? Have them put their money where their mouths are with a blind tasting. Get beers or wines of different varietals (or whatever the beer equivalent of “varietal” is) or from different places, and pour them into these exquisite Peacock Wine Glasses. Not only will they shimmer in the setting sun, but their opacity will keep any sneaky peekers from spoiling the fun. Have an extra bottle of each test subject on hand to give away as prizes.

Turn Your Yard Into a Carnival

A lot of great summer games work for both children and adults, and you can set them up using mainly household items (as well as some creativity and a little Pinterest inspiration). Fill a translucent jar with marbles (candies will melt), and have guests guess how many are inside, or purchase a few summer-themed pots adorned with sunflowers and beach scenes and have guests try to throw ping-pong balls inside.

Another fun idea is to fill plastic bottles up with pebbles to steady them, and then place a tennis ball on top of each. Every player then gets a turn with a Nerf N-Strike toy gun to shoot the balls off the top. You can offer simple summer-themed prizes like coconut-scented candles, s’mores kits, and pedicure sets.

Get Competitive

The goal of any party should always be for it to be memorable, and the best way to succeed in this is making your guests laugh. Summer games help to achieve this, while also serving as ice breakers. Setting up a Kettler Top Star Xl Outdoor Table Tennis set immerses guests in good-natured competition, whether they swing like Serena or not. You can also set up a double-elimination tournament if a lot of your friends are sports enthusiasts.

Even a novice can make drinks like a pro with a R-Evolution Cocktail Set by Molecule-R! Click here to check it out on Wayfair. Cheers!


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