High Tech Greenery: Gardening Gadgets for Green Thumbs


By Evan Wade

What do you get when you cross a decidedly old-school hobby with today’s high-tech mindset? These helpful gardening gadgets can increase your yields and give you more control over your little slice of heaven than ever before, giving this year’s gardening season a futuristic twist—and a ton of tools you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Get your green thumb ready!

Remote Control

Summer travel and the rooted nature of gardening aren’t always these easiest things to reconcile. While most of us would gladly stay home for the season if it meant the lives of our plants (read: babies), it doesn’t have to be like that.

Enter Blossom. This nifty set of gardening gadgets gives you the freedom to decide how your plants get their H20 by “smartening up” your existing watering infrastructure. It’s intelligent enough to handle the task itself, with tools like preprogrammed “zones” and real-time weather analytics, but also provides you all the tools you need to exercise your green thumb and tweak any scheduled watering with your phone anywhere there’s a cell signal or Wi-Fi. The same sensors that allow you to remotely monitor your watering quality can also help the system automatically craft an optimized watering plan for you.

Green Care

Whether you enjoy a little peace and quiet during gardening time or you’re trying to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, traditionally powered garden gadgets can present a bit of a problem. They’re loud, they need fossil fuels to operate, and older tools in particular tend to spit up a bit of black smoke as you start and operate them.

If that basic problem sounds familiar, Greenworks products like this G-MAX Cordless Rotating Hedge Trimmer can help. From a convenience standpoint, however, the big emphasis is on the “cordless” in the title. Quiet and lightweight, the trimmers (and other yard-and-garden products in their line, like the 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower) operate independent of an outlet, only requiring a plug-in when it comes time to charge the batteries. Don’t let the power supply fool you, either. Electric outdoor tools have come a long way in recent years, and they pack enough power to keep up with the stoutest gas implements in your toolshed.

Power Pollination

Some plants and flowers don’t attract bees. Others do, but a decline in the population of helpful pollinating insects has made it difficult for gardeners to make their plants bear fruit. In either event, hand pollination can cure your ails.

The first step is getting the right tools. While paintbrushes and the like can do the trick, TekSupply’s VegiBee Garden Pollinator makes the process much more efficient, with the gardener (that’s you!) giving the flower in question a powerful-but-harmless shake and collecting all the sweet, sweet pollen that comes loose. For moderate and advanced gardeners looking to up their pollination game, gardening gadgets like this can make a night-and-day difference—and, hey, who doesn’t want to help the bees out?

Make your neighborhood bees happy with the VegiBee Garden Pollinator, available at Newegg.


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