Summer Vacation: Things to Do With Kids for Fun and Culture


By Rachel Moran

School’s out, and summer vacation is here! While there are plenty of lazy pool and ice cream days ahead, make time to find things to do with kids that keep their minds active and engaged, too. Check out these summer staycation activities that are fun and cultural for the whole family, and still give them something to brag about come September.


The appeal of theater is obvious to adults, but let’s face it, kids might not get the magic until they’re lost in it. Tell them this: Theater is one grand movie performed live just for them. What an awesome way to spark a lifetime love of performing arts! Plus, who knows? This could be the summer vacation you inspire the next generation’s Tony Award-winner. Snag seasonal packages for a great value in your nearest city with (even smaller locales have a theater scene) and make this summer all about the show.


You and the kids probably differ a little (if not a lot!) on musical taste. They’re rabid Beliebers or obsessed with One Direction, but you can remember “Hangin’ Tough,” right? You’ve been there, too. Give them one or two nights to see concerts that make them shriek, but pad them with musical performances that bring out their cultured side. Classical, jazz, and choral ensembles are easy to find everywhere in the country. Check sites like Live Nation for passes to your kind of pop, the best of the oldies, outlaw country, and other fare they won’t hear at recess.


Yes, golf seems like the domain of older dudes, but little kids can get into the swing of things, too. As far as things to do with kids goes, golf is surprisingly perfect. It’s sporty and competitive. It requires physical skill and careful observation, but it rarely results in the kinds of hyper-competition or injuries that sideline kids from focusing on school come fall. Plus, golf comes with its own set of manners—and Golfsmith has plenty of cool gear just for them. Take a few walks on the green this summer vacation and see how much you bond about other stuff along the way.


A cool, shady museum on a hot day can be glorious. Find the ones that are perfect for your child’s summer vacation interests—the best part is that not all of them are going to look like “museums.” Check into art, history, science, technology, or architecture with LivingSocial. You can even build off-the-beaten path weekend jaunts around your kids’ interests and visit, say, a whaling museum in New England, or the unexpected starchitect-designed art salons in Mississippi.

Get tickets to the hottest summer concerts, plus a few cultural ones with Live Nation.


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