Equipping Your Student Athlete: Summer Sports Survival Guide


By Jae Curtis

Warmer weather means getting your kids outside for sports, but it also means piles of sports equipment weighing down your car and lightening your wallet. But when it’s your child’s safety (not to mention love of sports) on the line, you’ll spare no expense in making sure that you have the right stuff on hand. Your student athlete might require a lot of gear, but savvy parents know how to get the best-quality summer sports equipment for their budding stars—without compromising safety, value, or fun.

Read the Regulations

Before you start shopping, it’s a good idea to read through the official equipment regulations for your student athlete’s sport of choice. Most—if not all—sports clubs or teams are affiliated with the national organization for that sport, and you can download equipment and safety regulations from their respective sites. That way, you make sure your athlete shows up to practice with all the gear they need for a safe and fun experience.

Shop Online

Brick-and-mortar sports shops are great, but they’re also highly specialized and pricey. Your best bet, especially when gearing up for summer sports, is to buy your child’s gear online. Whether it’s grabbing an easier football padding solution from Rawlings, or a cool and comfortable 80MPH 2Tone Helmet, shopping online will give you the most choice in sizing, style, and functionality. Just make sure to always read sizing guides and reviews to make sure that your athlete’s new gear will enhance their performance on the field. If they’re a bit older, have them shop with you to make sure they think the gear is as cool as you do.

Swap With Friends

Kids can grow out of sports equipment fast, so it’s a great idea to organize an equipment swap. By meeting up with friends with kids of different ages and sizes, you might be able to swap your way to a full set of summer sports equipment. Whether you need practice jerseys or protective gear, swapping can help keep your kid equipped. Just be sure to check carefully for signs of excessive wear, such as cracks, rips, or worn-out straps and fasteners.

Store It Properly

One of the fastest ways to wear out summer sports equipment is to treat it poorly. Leaving a baseball mitt in the rain or throwing a lacrosse stick on the floor of your garage doesn’t only wear it out faster, but it can render safety features less effective for your student athlete. The MLB Conditioning & Repair Kit will help you keep your favorite fielder’s glove laced-up and smooth. Another good idea is to invest in an equipment storage solution to help keep that expensive equipment clean, dry, and always organized. As a bonus, always knowing where the gear is can simplify those busy summer evenings. The Sports Rack by Lynk is a great option for your garage, and the Halcomb 99 Gallon Deck Box will work in just about any outdoor space. As a good parent, you know that if it makes your child happy, it makes you happy.



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