Get a Hobby: Summer Crafts Kids Should Try


By Amy Anderson

It’s the perfect time of year for children to explore their creativity! Kids absolutely love trying new things, especially when it comes to summer crafts.

Summer crafts are also the perfect way for children to occupy their time and explore their imaginative sides—Mom and Dad can participate, too! Rather than hear the dreaded “I’m bored” from your little ones this summer, turn them on to one of these fun hobbies that they’ve never tried before. You never know, they might develop a lifelong love for a new activity.

Jewelry Making

Create colorful, personalized jewelry with the Boc Box Cool Bracelet DIY Kit by Andrea Bocchio Jewelry. Kids will get to crochet with different materials (including yarn and leather) to craft a unique metal bracelet. If your children love to share their creative creations with friends, it’s the perfect addition to your summer crafts bucket list.


Children won’t need extensive training to pick up this skill. This Quick Knit Loom Kit makes it easy for any child to learn to knit trendy totes, hats, scarves, and more. The only difficulty they might have is picking their favorite colors and patterns!


Folding paper can be very soothing and offers unlimited creativity. Best of all, you can do it with any kind of paper. Creativity for Kids’ Awesome Origami Kit will show you where to begin! Children can turn paper into amazing works of art—plus, it keeps them occupied for hours. Adults love it, too.


Your child can make their own sleek, high-tech vehicle with the Smart Car Robotics Experiment Kit. The kit gives kids the ability to build their own virtual city and operate their car remotely via tablet or smartphone. They’ll also learn about technologies such as GPS navigation and radar systems—so there’s an educational component, as well. This will not only keep them entertained for days on end, but also teach them a thing or two!

Wood Painting

Learning to paint allows children to explore color and improves their manual dexterity. This Masterpieces Paint Your Own Garden Gnome Kit would be a fun activity for kids and parents to do together. Once you’re done, you can display your unique work of art on your patio or in your garden.

If you’re ready to get your children started with a new hobby, try one of the engaging summer crafts above—or share one of your favorite childhood hobbies. You definitely won’t be hearing, “I’m bored” anymore this summer!

Explore painting by purchasing this unique Wooden Garden Gnome kit through Rakuten! Kids can customize with stickers, colors, and more!


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