Simple Summer DIY Home Projects to Spice Up Your Life


By Rachel Moran

Home is where the heart is. This summer, really put your heart into your house with DIY home projects that create an awesome aesthetic. A little summer decor, a touch of color, and some organization can enhance your kitchen, bath, and outdoor space for a season full of special memories.

Try a few simple upgrades that make a real statement, and get ready for your house to be your all-time favorite hangout.

Farmhouse Kitchen

The farm-to-table movement is cuisine’s hottest trend, and it’s here to stay. Roll up your sleeves like a farmhand and have fun with easy DIY home projects that give your kitchen a farmhouse flair. An inexpensive way to start is with a country-blue paint. Any shade from cornflower to cobalt to slate will nail the look. The trick is to pair it with lots of white, stainless flashes, and traditional wood. An island with organizer drawers like the Jeffrey Alexander kitchen storage island makes a clean, on-trend statement—and clears counters for uncluttered country cookin’.

Zen Spa Bathroom

You know the feeling when you hit the spa: part “ahhhhh” and part “why can’t it always be like this?” Make this summer all about your own private bathroom oasis. White is where it’s at when you’re going zen. Fluffy towels, a bath mat, and a good tub scrubbing (or maybe even a fresh coat of bright white enamel) can brighten the space and soothe your senses. Switching out fixtures is one of the quickest DIY home projects you can do to make a big change. The Spa Bathroom collection from—featuring Kohler’s Purist Collection—is sleek and sexy, with lots of options for how far your upgrade goes.

Art Deco Glamour

Maybe you’re ready to refresh your whole house. A few key pieces of summer decor can go a long way toward home glamour.

Kelly Mirrored Vanity from Neiman MarcusLook for art deco touches that hearken back to the sophisticated glitz of the early 20th century. Mirrored accents here and there open your space up and fit the art deco feel. A statement piece like the Kelly Mirrored Vanity is perfect in a large bathroom, but can tie together the entire home in a transitional space, like a corner or a large hallway.

Add in a few geometric patterns and dramatic candle lighting, and you’ve transported yourself back to the fun summer nights of the flapper scene.

Garden Retreat

Whether you’re grilling, playing with kids, or just lazing about with a book, summer’s the time of year for outdoor DIY home projects.

Ananas Pineapple Tier Outdoor Fountain by Jeco Inc. from Wayfair

Start small with a few plants and a hammock, or get serious with a fully fitted outdoor kitchen. However deep you decide to go, one thing every yard deserves is a little corner that feels like a retreat.

Find a fountain you love—a simple tiered one like the Ananas Pineapple Tier Outdoor Fountain by Jeco Inc. is perfect—and pair it with a cozy chair. The classic choice is an authentic Adirondack chair, made for years of lounging in the sun or shade. It’s a combo that makes home feel like heaven.

Enjoy the summer from a classic, authentic Adirondack chair. Get yours from Orvis—scope it out here!


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