Tech Wedding Gifts for those Brainy Newlyweds


By Jae Curtis

Most wedding registries are packed with the usual suspects: from dinnerware to vacuum cleaners, it’s all about getting newlyweds off on the right foot.

But not all couples are alike when it comes to the type of gift that suits them best. Some might have already established a household and have all the accessories they need, while others might have decidedly techie tastes. For contemporary newlyweds who are heading straight from the celebration to their honeymoon, thoughtful tech wedding gifts may be most appropriate.

Try these ideas to fete the happy couple and offer up gifts that are truly useful:

Media Player

Whether the couple is headed out on a honeymoon adventure or they’re choosing to unwind after the stress of the wedding with a low-key “staycation,” an Internet-connected media player like the Roku 2 makes sense. It’s super portable and only requires an Internet connection to let the happy couple stream their favorite shows and movies—and even check their wedding pictures online.

Home Projector

Help make movie magic by choosing a home projector for your favorite tech-obsessed couple. The LG Minibeam P51500 is tiny enough to tuck into carry-on bag, and is the perfect device for replaying wedding videos while reminiscing at home or on the road. Best of all, even after the cake is consumed and the decorations are put away, the projector can be used as a movie theater to help newlyweds save cash on date nights.

Solar Power Bank

Saying “Bon voyage!” to your friends as they head somewhere sunny? One of the best tech wedding gifts to give the traveling couple might be the Victsing Portable Solar Power Charging Bank. Using the power of the sun (say, on a beautiful beach somewhere far away), they’ll always be connected, since their mobile devices will always be juiced up—even when there’s no outlet in sight.


If the newlyweds are planning to enjoy some rest and relaxation on their honeymoon (to that pristine beach in paradise, perhaps), buying them a couple of Kindle Paperwhite eReaders is a thoughtful way to make sure they take their “R and R” seriously. Even if they have tablets for media consumption, eReaders offer a display that’s much easier on the retina, in a lightweight package that’s much easier to travel with. Load the devices up with some of your favorite books, and you can be sure that your gift will contribute to their honeymoon zen.

Activity Trackers

It might seem strange, but tech wedding gifts can be a little more personal than the average picture frame or cookware set. A matching pair of activity trackers may be the better choice for an active couple who wants to keep up on their fitness and health goals while traveling. The Pebble Time Smartwatch is small and discreet, and it tracks things like steps and sleep patterns—it can even take voice notes and reply to texts.

Thinking outside the registry box is a great way to gift your favorite techie couple something they’ll actually use. Not only will the present be super useful during the wedding, after-party, and honeymoon, but it’s a thoughtful way to celebrate their new life together.

An eReader is a thoughtful way to help newlyweds rest and relax. Click here to scope out the Kindle Paperwhite on Rakuten!


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