6 Instagram Tips That Will Get People to Follow Your Feed


By Jessica D Festa

Instagram is a popular social media channel for sharing travel photos—but to really boost your following, you’ll need a strategy. Luckily, these Instagram tips will take your feed to the next level:

1. Post Less Frequently
Instagram’s new algorithm emphasizes better photos. It may sound counterintuitive, but if you’re wondering how to get more followers on Instagram, posting higher-quality photos less frequently can actually increase engagement. Stick to no more than once per day.

2. Use Captions for Pictures
The best Instagram captions for pictures involve storytelling, since people want to know what they’re looking at. Say someone posts a sundae gowned in fudge and rainbow sprinkles. Simply writing “Ice cream in NYC” is going to leave people cold.

Instead, try something like “Here’s a SaltyPimp from @BigGayIceCream in NYC: vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate and sea salt. With every bite, there’s also gooey dulce de leche!” Think about the kinds of captions for pictures that are more likely to get you to stop, look, and repost.

3. Get Hashtags Right
Did you notice that the caption example above doesn’t include any hashtags? To keep captions clean, place hashtags in a comment below your share; this also helps if you share your Instagram photos on other social channels. Use the Grama app to find targeted and trending hashtags used by passionate Instagram users.

4. Brand Yourself
The best Instagram accounts have a focus that they don’t stray from. Say you follow an account for its food photography. You’re excited each morning to see the featured cuisine, but then, they start posting about dogs. Your daily authority for food fixings is no longer your go-to. Post consistently on one subject you’re passionate and knowledgeable about.

Also, consider sticking to a certain filter, either one of Instagam’s or a custom creation from a graphic design website. Filters invoke a specific feeling. For instance, Amaro gives an aged look, which works if you’re going for nostalgia.

5. Take Selfies Beyond Your Selfie Stick
One of the best Instagram tips is to always strive to be more than basic. A selfie stick can capture you from a flattering angle, but it’s not the only tool available. When heading out for a photoshoot, pack a Joby Gorillapod Focus travel tripod, which features bendable legs that you can wrap around trees and other sturdy supports. You can then set your camera’s timer, or connect your camera to a Godox Timer Remote Control Intervalometer to get the perfect shot. This gadget hangs from your camera by a wire, and you can set it to take as many photos as you’d like, in any timeframe.

If you’re using a smartphone, get a LuMee Illuminated Cellphone Case, which brightens your face and fills in shadows when you’re shooting in low light. If you want your selfies to get a lot of likes on Instagram, this is how it’s done!

6. Think About Composition
When shooting, there’s usually something that attracts you to the scene. How can you draw attention to this subject? Maybe it’s using the rule of thirds, or turning the photo into a black-and-white image, then adding color only to the subject. Also consider emphasizing any natural lines leading the viewer’s eyes toward the subject.

With these Instagram tips, along with a little creativity and personality, you’ll be well on your way to becoming #instagramfamous.

Go beyond the selfie stick and get shots from even crazier angles with the Joby Gorillapod Focus. Click here to scope it out on Newegg!


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