Hot Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Your Cool Kid


By Corey Whelan

If your child has a summer birthday, you may have to do a little bit extra to make them feel special on their big day.

It can be challenging to come up with birthday ideas cool enough to make up for the missed classroom cupcakes and party attended by all of their classmates—so if you’re not sure where to start, no worries. Summer birthdays are fantastic opportunities for creative, out-of-the-box celebrations. If you’re looking for cool summer birthday ideas to make your kid’s special day even more memorable, start with these fun options:

Have a Broadway Birthday Bash

A live theater experience is one of the best gifts there is. Take your family for a matinee or evening show and you’ll be amazed at the look of wonder that will fill your child’s eyes as they watch the curtain go up. Make their summer birthday extra special by getting tickets to a family-friendly show like Aladdin, The King and I, or The Lion King. You can nab exclusive offers for tickets to shows on Broadway, off-Broadway, and more at

A special day requires special duds, so create some birthday photo opps with great seasonal outfits for the guest of honor to wear.

Appaman Modern Two-Piece Suit, Greign Plaid from Neiman MarcusEditLuli & Me Sleeveless Embroidered Smocked Sundress from Neiman MarcusFor the birthday boy, how about a suit, like the Appaman Modern Two-Piece? For the birthday girl, a floaty, feminine dress like the Sleeveless Embroidered Mock Sundress by Luli and Me will make her feel like the princess she is.

Round out the day with a Broadway-themed birthday brunch or dinner (complete with cake, of course!), and your child’s summer birthday will be one they’ll remember forever.

Stage a Stylish Sleepover

Even if most of your child’s besties are away at camp or on vacation, you can create a fabulous fete for just one, two, or three guests by hosting a birthday celebration sleepover this summer. Start the night off with a make-your-own pizza extravaganza, complete with silly toppings like strawberries and marshmallows.

Silly Monsters Bed Set by Dream Factory from WayfairYou can even redecorate your child’s room for the occasion, with new, special bedding like this adorable, multi-colored Silly Monsters Bed Set by Dream Factory—but don’t stop there. Let them help you paint the walls a bright new color, add beautiful plants for the windowsills, and hang up fabulous patterned curtains.

Of course, the kids will want to stay up all night admiring the surroundings, but make sure you have plenty of throw pillows and sleeping bags scattered around the floor for when it’s (finally) lights-out.

Throw an Outdoor Blowout Bash

Take over a nearby park, or fill your backyard with all the family, friends, and neighbors you can find, and make the day amazing for everyone. Include fun playthings like an inflatable bounce house from Play House Bouncers, a dress-up castle, or a water slide.

Include a surprise performance from a puppeteer, clown, or traveling petting zoo, and you’re golden. Of course, great food and a beautifully-decorated birthday cake are also absolute musts. Make sure to include grown-up treats like crisp white wine or a make-your-own margarita bar, and your summer birthday party will be the talk of the season.

Adorable new bedding like these colorful, silly monster sheets are a summer birthday sleepover must-have! Nab this set by Dream Factory at Wayfair.


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