The Perfect Beach Day: Everything You Need


By Rachel Moran

It’s finally that time of year when you can kick back during the perfect beach day.

Head out to the sand for fun summer activities, or just laze about and enjoy the warmth of the sun and scent of the ocean. You don’t need much to have fun: some tunes, a few refreshments . . . and, if your friends are around, grab them, too! Check out these stylish updates of the classic beach essentials to guarantee a great day for everyone:


The right cooler can make your day. It’s the difference between lugging a heavy box over the dunes or dealing with styrofoam (don’t!) and simply enjoying a cold one without any hassle. Try a lightweight edition that packs the ice, so you can just throw cups and drinks in a tote and cut down on the baggage. The Ice Mule Classic Cooler is easy to bring along and keeps ice frozen even as you’re melting away (blissfully) under the sun.


Catch those rays while nestled into the sand atop the most gorgeous beach towel you can find. This season sees the return of mod prints—those splashy, colorful patterns that were so popular in the 1960s. Make sure you have a big, fluffy spot all your own to dry off and lounge on after summer activities with a full-size beach towel, too. Circular towels are all the rage this year.

A water-inspired, Moroccan take on the trend is even better. Try the perfectly-sized Majorelle Round Beach Towel by The Beach People to be on-point under the sun. The 5-foot diameter provides more than enough space for you to comfortably spread out, or share with a coastal companion.


They’re looking at you. You’re looking at them. Is your beach day is going so swimmingly that they want to join you?

Lower those shades and say, “Hi.” Or, if you’ve got super sexy sunnies like the modern Tuttolente W Gold Sunglasses from SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE, then by all means, keep them on!

Mirrored, rimless sunglasses are about as Summer 2016 as you can get. Futuristic? Yes, but also totally contemporary.


You’ve probably got a couple of old beach totes lying around, but if you’re into this season’s preppier looks—like high-waisted bikinis or retro stripes—you need a tote to match your summer steez. This is another absolutely essential item. Your beach day is a breeze when you can pack everything up in a contemporary beach bag. Look on Gilt for statement-making styles that conjure up vibes from the south of France or a Mediterranean yacht jaunt


So, maybe it’s just you and your tunes out by the surf. The jams are flowing, and you’re chilling out in the fresh air. Portable, rechargeable wireless speakers with Bluetooth technology are this year’s hot beach accessory. These devices provide high-quality sound without the hassle of lugging around a heavy boombox or worry of getting sand in the CD player.

Go all the way with the UE MEGABOOM speaker—it boasts omnidirectional sound dispersion, has a built-in microphone so you can use it as a hands-free speakerphone, is waterproof up to 3 feet, weighs less than 2 pounds and comes in a variety of fun colors, like purple. It’s compact and stylish, making it the perfect accessory to take your beach day to next level of relaxation.

Stay on the futuristic edge of fashion with rimless, mirrored sunnies. Click here to scope out the Tuttolente W Gold Sunglasses from SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE on Hypebeast!


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