5 Ways to Beat the Heat with Water Activities for Kids


By Jae Curtis

It’s the dog days of summer—and the hot, sticky weather often comes coupled with dreaded whines of “I’m bored!” from kids.

Does this sound all too familiar for your family? While excursions to museums or the movies can beat boredom, it’s water play that really helps to beat the heat and keep your children active during long, summer days.

Set up any (or all) of these five water activities for kids, and cure all signs of your family’s summer blues:

1. DIY Pool Day
Heading to the community pool definitely beats the heat, but it also means fighting crowds. When you set up your own pool, your children get a chance to get wet without all the fuss. This Oval 30″ Swim Center Family Lounge Pool is big enough for your kids to have a lot of fun in. Fill it up with the hose, grab a cold drink, and you can dunk your feet to get cool while your kids splash safely.

2. Water Balloon Fight
Water balloon fights always inspire friendly competition and plenty of delighted squeals, but the balloons can be tedious to fill for just a few moments of fun.

ZORBZ Self-Sealing Water Balloons from Bass Pro ShopsInstead of filling them up the old-fashioned way, try the new ZORBZ Self-Sealing Water Balloons. You can fill up to 100 at a time, and they feature small plugs that automatically rise to the neck of the balloon, sealing them instantly without any need for tying.

Fill a bunch, and engage your kids in a game of water balloon tag to stay cool.

3. At-Home “Car” Wash
If your family has a garage full of bikes and other outside toys, try setting up an at-home “car” wash to get their outdoor toys squeaky clean while staying cool. A few buckets and soapy water are all you need to play car wash, and your kids will think it’s especially fun to “drive up” and pay the washer a few pennies to get the job done right.

4. Water Sports
Turning your kids’ favorite sport into a water-based activity is a great way to beat the heat.

Intex Lively Print Inflatable Balls for Kids from Bass Pro ShopsThere’s a fun volleyball variation with towels and water balloons: each team needs at least one set of two players, and each pair holds a beach towel between them to use as both a net and a slingshot of sorts. (You don’t catch or throw the ball with your hands.)

Or, try water kickball: Inflatable balls, like the Intex Lively Print Inflatable Balls for Kids, fly high while your kiddie pool can make for a fun base.

5. Water Park Passes
If your kids are dying to get out of the house, you can often find inexpensive summer passes to water parks near your area from Livingsocial. Find nearby discounts on season or day passes, tube rentals, and even parking to make your day at the water park more affordable.

Water activities for kids don’t need to be expensive or complicated. In fact, just getting wet can be enough to beat the heat and get rid of those summer boredom blues. Plan ahead, and your kids will love staying both cool and active all summer long.

Inflatable balls are the perfect companion to a day near the water. Click here to scope out these Intex Lively Print Inflatable Balls for Kids via Bass Pro Shops.


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