Hot Blockbuster Movies to Keep You Cool This Summer


By Megan Koester

Want to take a break from the summer heat? There’s no better place to find it than at your air-conditioned local cinemas, where you can enjoy one of the season’s hottest blockbuster movies. Whether your idea of cool is Star Trek Beyond, Ghostbusters, or the latest film in the Jason Bourne series, make sure you get a ticket to one of July’s must-see flicks at—after all, everyone’s going to be talking about them!

Star Trek Beyond

The Star Trek universe has dazzled imaginations for decades and shows no signs of waning in popularity. Star Trek Beyond, the latest film in the series, has the Enterprise crew (Captain Kirk, Spock, et al.) trapped on a hostile planet doing their best to fight off an alien threat. In the process, they just might save the galaxy (no big deal—it’s all in a day’s work). Are you looking for a wholly immersive intergalactic experience? Watch the film in IMAX 3D—the special effects will boldly take you where no moviegoer has gone before.


It’s been 32 years since the original Ghostbusters was released and became an instant classic. This brand-new reboot (entitled, simply, Ghostbusters), features an all-new, all-female cast of paranormal investigators trying to rid New York of those pesky poltergeists. Comedy heavyweights Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones inject some estrogen (and ectoplasm!) into this season’s lineup of summer blockbusters…and the results are sure to be hilarious!

Jason Bourne

The film’s tagline is “You know his name,” and, indeed, you do by now. The Bourne series has generated four blockbuster movies so far, and the series’s latest flick, Jason Bourne, is sure to be filled with as many explosive, edge-of-your-seat moments as its predecessors. Matt Damon reprises his role as the CIA’s deadliest former operative…for the last time?


Based on the Roald Dahl classic, the BFG is Disney’s latest animated masterpiece, turning the much-loved tale of a 24-foot-tall giant and the 10-year-old girl he befriends into a perfect opportunity to spend a sweet afternoon at the cinemas with the child in your life (or just the child in you).

The Legend of Tarzan

The character of Tarzan has been the protagonist of countless epic blockbuster movies spanning generations. This summer’s The Legend of Tarzan is yet another film featuring this timeless character flying high above the jungle. It’s the next best thing to a safari vacation!

30 years after the original hit theaters, the Ghostbusters reboot is about to make herstory. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance from so you don't miss your shot to watch Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and the gals bust ghosts!


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