Wild and Wonderful Water Sports Your Family Will Love


By Corey Whelan

Whether your idea of family fun is beach Frisbee and ocean-wave jumping, reeling in the biggest fish alive, white water rafting, a pool noodle party, or all of the above, water sports and families go together like summer and sunshine. When the weather is hot and the water cool, the giggles, good times, and family fun are unending.

Pick your sport, grab your gear, and get ready for drenched, delightful, perfect summer days.

Water Sports for Non-Athletes

Perfect for children, water tubing requires little skill and can be enjoyed at comfortable speeds, making it as safe as it is exciting. A durable water tube with an inflatable floor and deluxe, easy-to-grip handles is the Airhead Mach 2, a two-rider-cockpit towable. It comfortably seats both kids and adults, making it user-friendly for every family member.

Rent, buy, or borrow a boat, and you’ve got all the gear you need for a day of family fun on the water. No matter how secure the ride, though, life jackets like the Coast Guard-approved Watersport Classic Child’s Life Jacket by Stearns are a kiddo must-have for tubing and other water sports.

Gone Fishin’

Shakespeare Mickey Mouse Lighted Fishing Rod and Reel Kit for Kids from Bass Pro ShopsOne of the best things about fishing is the stillness: it gives parents time to check in with their kids, be in the moment, and just talk—at least when the fish aren’t biting.

Bass Pro Shops Tourney Special Rod and Reel Baitcast ComboIf your little one isn’t quite ready for a full-sized rod and reel, you can introduce them to the art of fishing with a Shakespeare Mickey Mouse Lighted Fishing Rod and Reel Kit. It includes a practice casting plug and foam targets, so you can use it indoors as a game, or on the lake to reel in the day’s catch.

If the rest of your crew has their hearts set on tracking down Moby Dick, you’ll need proper gear to do the deed, like the smooth casting, high-performance Tourney Special Rod and Reel Baitcast Combo from Bass Pro Shops.

Make Like a Dog and Paddle

Even if dog paddling is your idea of Olympic swimming, stand up paddle boarding is a water sport the whole family will enjoy. Great for the young and young at heart, this water sport works great both in freshwater and saltwater.

The 12-foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package by Vilano Voyager has tons of D-rings for attaching gear, plus it’s wide enough for paddle board yoga. Of course, it’s always a good idea to empty your pockets before you board, but just in case, nab some waterproof phone protector cases for the family before you hit the waves—better safe than sorry!

Make safety a central part of your family's water sports activity with the Stearns Watersport Classic Child's Life Jacket—click here to scope it out on Rakuten!


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